finding five.

5 ing’s from last week that felt fantastic:

1. sending an “i’m not into you romantically” email instead of going passive aggressively radio silent until – hopefully – the other person forgot i existed and / or stopped trying.
2. posting a #nofilter photo on instagram and discovering an artist i really admire “liked” it.
3. taking my favorite heels to alex so i could keep naomi campbell walking allova town.
4. being asked repeatedly what sports i played in high school (answer: uhhhhh drama club?)
5. graduating from the 3lb to 5lb hand weights at my local synagogue.


little battles.


“you never make
exactly what you want to make.
when you look at a finished piece of work,
you never see everything
that’s gone into getting it there.
most of what [able] designs isn’t seen
and he’s only just learnt
to come to terms with that.
but now he views everything he’s done
as a prototype for what’s to come.
he never expects he’s going
to make the final thing,
just the next thing.
he says the little battles are temporary.”

ps – inspired by this and this, i’ve convinced pastme to email futureme.