vol 12.

congrats on finishing a [sorta] full week of back to work working without leaving your laptop in the sink. you’re doing great! roll with it. also …

1.  the nytimes just published its 52 places to go in 2016 travel round up. brb all damn day.
2.  i have a really good feeling about the society hotel. see the rooftop before it’s a scene.
3.  did you know planned parenthood has a tumblr? seriously, it’s good. like, really good.
4.  finally updated my pdx to do list and now it’s 2x longer than my nyc to do list. let’s haaang.
5.  listen foodiez. 2016 is the year of mae so best get yourself on that ressie mailing list stat.
6.  i fell down a yelp k-hole and now i’m considering making an appt. with miss renee. hoboy.
7.  lily tomlin is performing on sat jan 16 at the symphony. go. that’s ms. frizzle for god’s sake!
8.  the next pdx collective sale is jan 22-23 at the cleaners and the lineup is lookin’ sweeeeeet.
9.  got some smoko yeti usb footwarmers today and, like, wow. what a world. all the things!
10.  “she may be wearing balenciaga but she’s also wearing coke, ya know what i mean?” – rereading ryan’s o’connell guide to dressing like an olsen because it’s freaking timeless.