vol 13.

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man has this been a weird week. like everything was on slo-mo and fast-forward at the same time or something. blech. excellent timing for a ♥ to ♥ bear hug long weekend, don’t ya think? oh yea. y’all knew that right? no worky day job fun times on monday so, like, go craaaaaazay and stuff on sunday. until then … here’s what’s up:

1.  for the record, i am drinking this month. currently craving the no. 8 and jack’s manhattan.
2.  just found out sharon needles’ show at lovecraft on fri 12.15 is sold out. what? nooOOOoo!
3.  dreaming about sunny walks to lunch in the vvv near future. pine street market, anyone?
4.  what are you doing on tue jan 19? nothing? cool. get yo butt to church for dolly’s 70th bday.
5.  watching this video over & over & over. that move at 1:05! i wanna dance with somebody.
6.  the portland mercury anonymous blog is sorta hit or miss, but this post got me lol-ing today.
7.  michael blume sounds like an electronic leon bridges with more bass (less throwback). dig it.
8.  planning a lady vacay and using luxury link for deals thanks to pro traveler erica leader.
9.  i sometimes wonder about beyoncé’s notification settings. i bet show on lock screen is off.
10.  why yes, xtabay, i’m pretty sure one of us does need this dress. vvv kind of you to notice.
11.  plz don’t kill my vibe or ability to attend the holy trinity rnb tribute at holocene on 1.23.