seventies superbabe.

James Hunt, driver for March-Ford (1973)

“His dashing looks & personality made him racing’s golden boy, the fans loved him. He had a commanding presence and spoke impressively in a deep voice with a cultivated accent, saying exactly what he thought. He hated dressing up – wearing old blue jeans and often walking around in his bare feet, even on formal occasions. He drank heavily, smoked two packs a day, experimented with drugs, partied hard, and enjoyed the ladies. He married one of them, Suzy Miller, a fashion model who eventually left him for the actor Richard Burton. Burton was so enthralled with her, he even offered to pay Hunt’s divorce settlement to Suzy: $1 million. Burton couldn’t believe that Hunt was so casual about letting his beautiful wife go. Hunt simply said, ‘Relax, Richard. You’ve done me a wonderful turn by taking on the most alarming expense account in the country.'”

The Selvedge Yard