no sweat.

Vintage Fabric. Bella Dia

Now that I don’t have to wear multiple outfits to work anymore (for gym sweat, inbound sweat, outbound sweat, etc), I’m thrilled to revive some of my not-so-summer friendly vintage pieces.  Today’s winner is a long, white Lloyd Williams blazer with mini shoulder pads that I got when Amarcord closed it’s 7th Street store, discounted everything a boobillion %, and Debra Messing showed up and was all “Is this coat wool? I’m alergic to wool. AGGHHHHH! I CAN’T FUCKING GET THIS COAT IF IT IS WOOOOOOOOOOL!”  Oh, what was that, blazer?  You’re sorry to interrupt, but you’re a polyester/rayon blend?  Baby, babe.  It’s September 29th and the high is 75°.
It’s done.

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