happy nyc ladies day.

You Are The Best. Hayley & Lucas

Thank You NYC Ladies – m4w – 30 (Manhattan)

Ok I just want to say that I’ve been working out (at the gym etc), do yoga, eat right, keeping up with my hygiene, keeping up with my smarts, etc so that I can be a good product for you NYC ladies. I’m still single but that’s another story (do you want to grab a drink?). I say this because I want to thank all the NYC ladies that take such great care of themselves, you all are so beautiful! Thank you for going to the gym, thank you for eating right, thank you for doing yoga (thank you x1000), thank you for wearing those incredibly sexy boots, or stockings(?), skirts, pants, I guess for that matter dressing so beautifully. Thank you for being so smart too and have that quick wit that is necessary to survive in NYC, and especially to the ladies that don’t take shit from anyone but still look so stunning in putting a jerk in his/her place. I know it seems shallow and I’m not assuming all the beautiful ladies are also beautiful on the inside (there are some mean bitches out there) but great fucking job looking good ladies!

Thank you for holding up your end of the bargain, I take care of myself to keep up with my NYC counterparts (obviously for my own health too) and you NYC ladies do such a fantastic fantastic fantastic job looking and being the hottest women in the states.

– Some 30 Year Old Dude