translate this [ ] , son.

From Laundry to a Home in Berlin. Andreas Meichsner
I tried to research (stalk) illustrator and designer Bobby Breidholt through his blog this morning and quickly realized that I couldn’t because he blogs in his native language, Icelandic (he’s from Reykjavik, Iceland obvs).  Since I don’t currently speak Icelandic, I used google translate and discovered that, oh my gosh, it’s such a gem!  With just a copy here and a click there, Bobby’s blog was suddenly converted into mildly broken English and my quest to read the entire internet was . . . back on!
Sidebar (twirls finger, jury out!):
I think if I were ever to launch my own translation site, there would have to be slightly more obscure language options.  For example, a user could ask amy translate to translate ilikeyoulikeyou from English into Personal Space and it might produce the photo above.  Mmm.  Yesss. That’s much better!