my friend’s band is the new madonna.

Once upon a Time Out New York, my friend Joanna told me that her friends in high school used to force each other to come up with fake [yet totally awesome] band names on the spot.  Though this seemed like quite possibly the most incredible game [ever], I quickly realized I wasn’t very good at it.  My attempts at playing usually went something like this:

Blue Shoes!
3 by 5 Index Cards!
Little Man!

Basically, I just identified whatever was in the room.  A total boner killer of a strategy and definitely not the stuff great band names are made of.  Over this past weekend, however, I think I completely redeemed myself with this one:

My Friend’s Band!

Everyone was very pleased with the possibilities for awesomness in a name like My Friend’s Band and we even started assigning instruments and odd jobs like Lead Kazoo Player and Band Therapist.  Take that, super cool game I used to suck at!  Okay, I’m gonna go blast some of My Friend’s Band’s Greatest Hits and try to start an office coup slash dance party.  Laterz.