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Documenting the Life of 20-Somethings. The New York Times Magazine

According to The New York Times Magazine, this is a snapshot of what it feels like to live through your 20s in the 2010s. Personally, I just skimmed Robin Henig’s accompanying article on “emerging adulthood” because it was, like, 10 electronic pages on why my generation is just a bunch of babies.  Boo!  Old news.  (Molly and I figured this out in 2005).  But the editor’s footnote f-ing rules:
Robin Marantz Henig is a contributing writer. Her last article for the magazine was about anxiety.
Damn, this bird knows me.
No, like, she really knows me.
Also, everyone poops.

  • Man, that article is all over the web. I could only get through half of it because its judgey tone was making me anxious.

    This is like when the Times reports on “hipsters” and “hip cultural phenomena” to try to sound novel and just ends up making an a$$ of itself. Case in point: