like more than a friend.

  • i am officially the 1000th visitor to this blog! YAY!
    also, i saw your call and i owe you a call back! do you have cell service/access in CA?
    have a great time!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    Oh My God! I couldn’t think of a better lady to help me reach that blog-o-sphere milestone than the beeeeeautiful Joanna Simon. You may owe me a call, but I owe you a door prize for sure! I think my cell service will be limited in Big Sur, but I might be able to check my email a couple of times…

    I miss you with the fervor of a 1000 suns (and ilikeyoulikeyou visitors), Joji!

  • mjr

    this entry is mean

  • Amy

    It’s the ten day, and we all know how the ten day lies [magazine]. Not to really be trusted by those in the know, obvs.