vol 11.

i’m chillin in portland all break (jewish *shrugs*) and had a touch of free time (ok fine nothing but free time) and thought y’all might need a little escape from your holiday swirl. yea? cool:

1.  unsure which movie will cure what the break is throwin’ at ya? this list will help. brooklyn!
2.  winter still isn’t over, but, like, good! more time to save for a hanging geodesic love seat.
3.  drake on cake is great, but we’ve got a bakestress in-house that can totally hold her own.
4.  “boy, are you wifi? because if i have to pay for your ass i’m out.” – yassss to boy are you.
5.  can we pleeeease go to matt’s bbq? the brisket is supposedly fatty / flavorful as hell now.
6.  heard lover by in the valley below via my discover weekly and now it’s on repeat forever.
7.  all right listen up, folks. janet jackson tribute night is on wed 1.13 at holocene. i repeat …
8.  and hood internet will be at mississippi studios on fri 1.22 in case you neeeeed to dance.
9.  brooke and boaz made the sweetest travel portland zine. start there and then hit the rest.
10.  “it is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” – j.r.r. tolkien