vol 10.

i’ve been listening to beiber’s new album uhhhhlot this week and now i feel full of youthful ignorance and supersized pride but also like i’m locked in an ibiza warehouse with a rowdy gang of 14 year olds. probably best to put le beibs on pause for a sec and focus on some other nice cool things like:

1.  new rules: must love dogs, must follow @dog_rates. would pet diligently. 12/10.
2.  ever wonder wut happens at an adele concert? thx to all knowing erica, mystery solved!
3.  long dog makes clothing for long dogs (corgis, dachshunds, bassets, etc.). srsly can i live?
4.  wanna unlimited vacay in negril next year? american is selling roundtrip tickets for $391!
5.  it’s that best of time and this post + this playlist will cure even the gnarliest of music ruts.
6.  thatcher, jong-un, or putin bluetooth speaker busts? sorta leaning double thatcher tbh …
7.  once upon a midnight blurry could have been us, but we playin’ mad men 2016 vibes now.
8.  if j fernandez is considered bedroom pop, then i guess i’m into bedroom pop. who knew.
9.  for all my planners out there (wut up!!), here’s a list of good eats open on new years day.
10.  bone thugs is playing at crystal ballroom on 1.21. ugh home used to be my evvverything.
11.  late dec daters block? try the aerial tram – or – the vacuum museum – or – the grotto light festival. bankable fun times guaranteed (w/ or w/o an “only in portland” heavy sigh roll).