amy’s list.

1...the east village is one of the few nyc neighborhoods in which i’ve never felt judged. i’ve been here 4 years, but i live amongst those who clock over 40 (easy). either way, it’s all the same (all good, even). also, shit used to be really bad – like, buildings on fire all the time bad. then giuliani came in, cleaned up, and asked young people with dogs to move in (i.e. yuppies with babies not welcome). the way i see it, gentrifiers in the ev get a pass (a cat call, even).
2...dumbo is like the sweet, rich, unassuming uncle of all the magical magical bk hoods.
3...there’s something about a perfect set of downtown doors set against a perfect flood of downtown light that just seems to make everything everywhere 100% more than okay.
4...dear de blasio, please use this shade of aquamarine gutter paint as much as possible.
5...if you like to feel like the entire world is your oyster, eat this way and then walk this way.
6...see #1. also, fizzy water reminds me of lauren and now i miss her all over again.