what’s in prince’s fridge?

dunk-a-roos (about 5 pounds’ worth)
“don’t know what 2 say about dunk-a-roos. they’re just good! sometimes you want a food that is comfortable and takes you back. for me, it’s those crazy little kangaroo crackers.”

18 varieties of mustard (including german, texan, and raspberry-flavored varieties)
“i don’t collect it, but LOL yeah there’s a lot in there. U gotta love mustard. the raspberry kind is the best. you wouldn’t expect it but that’s how it goes.”

challah bread (half a loaf from cecil’s delicatessen)
“manny loves this stuff, that’s why i keep it around. i guess it’s good with any of the mustards, he says?!?!” editor’s note: we do not know who “manny” is.

yak milk (one quart)
“this stuff is TOO AMAZING. it clarifies your skin and your mind. it is given freely by the yak, so u can truly enjoy it. great with chex – rice chex, wheat chex, whatever!!!”

real maple syrup (one gallon)
“people say U can’t tell the difference, but U know, it’s the real deal. it’s a cut above. it’s about 100 cuts above. this is the only thing that touches my waffles.”

heavy table