throwing shade.

throwing shade
this week, i’ve been trying to assess which of my toiletries and cosmetics are more than half empty because next week is gonna be crayzay and i just like to preemtively replace shit (you know, instead of waiting until the last minute when i can’t even shaken baby syndrome a single drop of conditioner and i have to hit up 2 different sephoras, bloomingdales, space.nk.apothecary, duane reade, ride aid, walgreens, and ricky’s all in one fucking day just to replace the essentials). for the record, i also like to make my bed every morning, keep no more than 5 emails in my personal inbox, follow exactly 100 people on twitter, and balance my checkbook whenever i use my debit card no matter how small the purchase so, like … DON’T WORRY ABOUT TELLING ME HOW TYPE-AMAZING I AM BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW. aaaaaaanyway, the point of this story is that i had to take special note of the colors and shades of the various products i use and i think, together, they paint a pretty accurate personality picture:

penny lane
turning heads red
no poo
low poo
silver factory

honey raven penny lane addictive?
turning heads red no poo alaska intensa?
low poo silver factory lollipop flirt?

spooookyaccurate, no?
theeeeese are mine!