losing my religion.

nice work
okay, i have an announcement. i’m officially over all this micro self help short listing. like, when did we all become soooo unequipped? soooo incapable? soooo unable …

to grow a pair?
to tough it out?
to do the thing?

is it because we’re in the double digit teenage years of the aughts?
because we’re no longer that asexually unaware 2012 in gapkid overalls?
because we’ve sprouted 2013 breasts and caught a nasty case of insecurity?
because i hate you! it does matter! i want to die in my room alooooooone!

okay fine.

if this is the year of our incredible internet bar mitzvah,
i’m skipping the all too lame friday night saturday morning services.
y’all sound the same and i just don’t give enough fucks.
my advice?

shut up and give me glow sticks so i can daaaaaance.