intro to straight dude.

i miss those days
i like you
me: yentas! i have a 1st date question & need a straight dude’s perspective.
jj: [ … straight dude radio silence … ]
pg: [ … straight dude radio silence … ]
me: is it rude to wear red lipstick? like, it won’t come off as “oh, hello. i’m a hipster pain in the ass who’s gonna make it semi-difficult to nearly impossible for you to kiss me?” i just want to be sensibly sexy plus it would really put the period on the end of my black & white 1st date outfit sentence.
jj: i don’t think it’s rude. i think it’s probably actually totally sexy. like, “hey, new guy. i bet you can’t stop looking at my lips.”
pg: totally not rude! & if it happened, who wouldn’t want to show off a smooch from you?
jj: since when is lipstick prohibitive to kissing?
me: woah.

probably actually totally sexy … ?
NOT prohibitive to kissing … ?
waaaa waaaa weeee wah … ?

take good notes.

this shit will definitely be on the final.