amy’s list.

1...per a friend’s recommendation, i finally tried soulcycle. the closest studio is in union square (ugh), but seeing as how i’ve now been to 11 classes in 14 days that’s clearly not enough of a drawback to prevent getting wholly, fully, 1000% completely addicted. awhoops.
2...since moving to the east village over 3 years ago, living half a block from abraço has always topped a long list of reasons why i still love living here. i even remember noting that they were “just around the corner” when i went looking for my very first roommate. anyway, pictured above is co-owner liz quijada (and the woman behind their famous olive oil cake) holding her daughter lily. i am such big fans of these two. best smiles of 2012, by far. wouldn’t really be a proper amy’s list if i didn’t post something from the union square greenmarket, right? it must be clear by now i walk through this every week. also, roses.
4 & 5...back in october, tristan helped me cross wave hill off my ny to do list. it took a little one on one internet time to figure out that getting there is actually super simple. just live in or visit nyc, head to grand central, chill on metro north for 25min, and get off at riverdale. then be sure to pat yourself on the back for visiting a 28-acre public garden in the bronx overlooking the hudson river and palisades. fancy!