amy’s list.


1...last week, dan and i camped out at ninth street to work separately, silently for an entire afternoon. when i finally looked up, i realized i hadn’t felt that quiet or comfortable or productive all f-ing year. terms of bluest skies, last weekend was a total teacher’s pet. not complaining, just saying.
3...they’re showing a lot of florals right now, so i was thinking… (florals? for spring? ground breaking)
4...sarah, molly, and i spent all day saturday laughing in mccarren park, incredulously browsing the brooklyn flea, taking the east river ferry to dumbo, laying out in brooklyn bridge park, and walking someone else’s long haired dachshund. unfortunately, i think this means we’re the ladies.
5...i wanna be made (into a twenty something dude living and working and dating in new york).