amy’s list.


1...i’ve been thinking pretty seriously about giving up on romance (unconditional love in the city? reallywhere?), but then i met a husky outside blue bottle who had the softest ears in the whole wide borough. maybe instead of throwing out the baby with the tap water, i can just stop and pet the huskys.
2...i can’t speak for summer, but spring is playing to win this year. april showers bring may flowers, yo.
3...googling “movies with great danes” has led me to the most incredible archive ever. beaches! private benjamin! for love or money! looks like it might be time for a great dane in a movie night . . .
4... the storefront facade on 97 kenmare street is the collaborative brainchild of artist vito acconci and architect steven holl. like a party favor snap bracelet, it’s quick and neat and easy to forget.
5...this city is a giant, gentle beast held together by good timing and brute strength. i love living here.