amy’s list.


1...looks like retna is the latest to tag the houston street wall, but barry mcgee’s is still my favorite.
2...i’m in a fresh flowers in the apartment phase and my bodega dude on the se corner of 9th & 1st ave knows what’s up – – – > tulips for the vase in the kitchen + something bright / fragrant for the hallway. black…..p..i..n..k..!… black black black black black black black black black black black.
4...last saturday, dan’s mom and i met up for an adorable astor afternoon and walked to bond no. 9 to figure out some fragrances. outside we found this key and inside we talked about this a+ book.
5...on my way home from 9th st, i stumbled on an east village nowruz party in the community garden on 9th & c. traditionally, iranian children jump over a bonfire during nowruz to burn out the fear in the subconscious / spirit in preparation for a healthy, happy new year. cool! l’shana tova, kiddos.