amy’s list.


1...march scared the shit out of me. i know spring is an afterthought and that in a few fast weeks summer is going to punch this city in the fucking nose. so when 2/29 turned into 3/1, it made the past 3 months feel like i had sprinted across moving sidewalks only to lose my balance on the final stretch, fighting, flailing, falling up some stairs to summer. so i got up, stopped worrying, and took myself to the park.
2...i’ve been thinking a lot about neighborhoods. i’m not sure whether i can or will stay in my apartment after my lease is up and, while that’s not until the end of september, i keep wondering if there’s any other place i could live that would make me as happy as the east village has. this one makes me think maybe.
3...street trash on 1st ave is getting really ridiculous. i mean, what is a “cutters must” list? #dark
4...i’d like to stop using meaningless phrases like “it’s just that,” hesitating before jumping off cliffs, and playing new songs on repeat until the intro makes me nauseous. it’s just that i can’t (so i won’t).
5...when i train it to bk yoga and walk up these stairs, i always think, “quit yelling and i might.”