amy’s list.


1...the day before i left for costa rica, the city was downswinging . . . hard. hands in, heads down, shoulders up, shoulders up, shoulders up, it was a point-a to point-b midwinter festivus for the rest of us.
2...on the way to 826nyc last week, i decided to pay a little homage to able parris’ daily kentile. considering i shoot all of these posts with an outdoor use only waterproof disposable camera, i was pleased+ with how it turned out. noise canceling headphone smiles at my local walgreens, for sure.
3...i think some of my old steady, don’t stand so close, i can’t take two trips, what is this, what do you want, are we there, are we lost, are we late, are we done, are we cool, lifewalls might be coming down. crush on red hook is becoming an issue. i think about van brunt street all the time and i’ve started to swerve to fort defiance in the middle of the day for absolutely no reason. fuck, i need a new drug.
5...back in december, i posted about hacking at my ny to do list and i said, “i think it’s changing my life. i can’t stop looking up.” well, two months later, and it’s still all life changing, all up looking...w..h..e..w .