amy’s list.


1...i went to london over thanksgiving to visit my sister and, despite the so so weather, it was one of the best trips i have been on in such a long time. not only was it a relief to fly across the ocean for something other than work or a tragedy, but it was also a total pleasure spending the holiday with my one and only big sister. i love her a hell of a lot (and not just because she’s a baller who always makes it rain).
2...occupy london was so discreet and quiet, boring almost. then we looked up and the sky cleared.
3...when i got back to the city, i finally finished writing my ny to do list and starred everything in my google maps account so i could have a super accessible and fully fleshed out resource of personalized adventures to go on while taking december and january off. i’ve been hacking away at it every day (sometimes with friends, sometimes without) and i think it’s changing my life. i can’t stop looking up.
4...for the first time in a long, long time, i really don’t know what’s next. i’m out there alright, hacking at a path and trying to find my way using every tool i possibly can, but fuck if i know where i’m going.