amy’s list.


1...omg, guys. it’s the moon. the moon! there’s really nothing quite like it (except maybe the sun).
2...the only reason i’m still holding on to my sex & the city collector’s edition box set is one part my infinity crush on steve brady and one part the “this pizza tastes like garbage” episode.
3...people watching at 9th street on any given morning is always always exactly where i want to be.
4...if there is ever a question about what i was like as a kid, this young lady will be more than happy to paint a detailed picture for you (or you can ask my sister to tell you about the time i yelled at a gorilla).
5...small dogs make me slightly sad and uncomfortable due to their smallness and my ability to squash them too easily-ness. this one was tolerable enough, but still. too small! too. damn. small.