amy’s list.


1...i’m an intense creature of habit so doing the same thing every weekend really doesn’t bother me especially when that same thing is camping outside 9th street, enjoying my favorite raspberry muffin / an incredible cup of coffee, and hanging out with other people’s dogs for a solid 2 to 3 hours.
2...the big gay ice cream shop is finally open and lauren, daniel, and i somehow managed to find a no-line-around-the-corner window of time to order our respective bea arthurs and salty pimps.
3...there will always be hard days ahead, but it just so happens laughing through them helps bigtime.
4/ sister was in town this weekend (she lives in london) and, thanks to her willingness to partake in some aimless village wanderings, we stolled down leafy streets i have never strolled down before.
6...did you know that little italy’s feast of san gennaro just celebrated it’s 85th year? salute!