amy’s list.


1...friday’s roundabout through the union sq market led me to a run-in with a rag tag bunch of carrots. they were wild and crazy, but a solid homage to this summer’s trendiest color. be cool, stay in school.
2...after work, i met some co-workers at la bottega and, since i couldn’t order the judson, i decided to drink negronis instead. suddenly, the skies started to shift, so i made a quick and quiet exit and arrived home just in time to watch the storm from the comfort of my dining room (ie porchetta‘s window seat).
3...after joanna informed me on tuesday, “your presence is requested in philadelphia, pa from saturday 8/20 – sunday 8/21,” i followed strict orders and caught the first amtrak out of penn station that would have me. huge surprise – – – > riding the amtrak train from nyc to philadelphia was, by far, the loveliest, most stress-free travel i have ever had the pleasure of purchasing. i arrived just 1.5 hours later, happy as a clam and without a single horror story to my name. that is, until i saw a monster.
4...turns out, the good life is just some gin and tonic bruschetta girl talk on an afternoon stoop. well, ok! i’m officially in a rut and all my warning signs and red flag conversations say i’m long overdue for a big picture change of scenery. while i’m not looking to break my lease and move out of nyc forever, i’m ready to really surprise myself and find some bliss again. if you have any life advice or travel recommendations for this twenty something lost in transition, please don’t be shy. sharing is caring.