amy’s list.


1...thanks to a heads up from nymag, i made a point to stop by the alexander wang sample sale. while it was far too hot / packed to try anything on, i had a stellar time just straight up people staring (huge pastime). let me be clear – – – > the nymag sales & bargains calendar game changed my nyc. not only does it score me seriously incredible pieces like my one of a kind, hand-painted, silk-lined libertine blazer that used to sell at bergdorf’s for $6000 (i paid $60), but it also keeps me fashion fed even when my cashflow is, ehem, low just by getting my ass out of my apartment and into piles of gorgeous clothing while staring at piles of gorgeous people. not a bad way to spend a saturday, really.
2...friday means i’m walking through union square and last week it was all about the blueberries.
3...when people ask me how i know nancy, i like to say she used to be my editor (at our high school newspaper, but whatever, still true). right now, however, she is many, many things – a wanderlust, a foodie, a journalist, a food journalist, a publicist, a grad student, a friend – and her plethora of personas means she adds a plethora of weird ass city shit to my to-do list. buyer beware = if you know nancy, you could end up riding an inflatable dolphin at a dumpster pool party in long island city.
4...this dachshund decided to call it a day in the middle of his walk and i was like, “dude, i so feel you.”
5...i’m trying to let go of a lot of things – assumptions, imagined plans, expectations – and i think leonard cohen was right when he said, “forget your perfect offering, there is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”