amy’s list.


1...sometimes happiness is just a cool, breezy river (for me and this guy, at least).
2...ben and i are serious morning people. this means we get up really early and spend the first several hours of our day wide awake with nothing but our thoughts and a growing to-do list to keep us company. thankfully, ben’s in nyc right now, so we spent a very recent am keeping each other company instead.
3...while biking around town a few days ago, i looked up and caught a plane writing something in the sky. i never could decipher the message, so fingers crossed i’m not re-blogging something awful. flash – – – > first run in tompkins square park is where it’s at, but please do yourself a solid and skip the little run beside it (unless you want a giant lesson in lesser than).
5...the mise en scène here is very very vandaag.