amy’s list.


1...happy 1 year anniversary, doh letter grades! i was told to get you paper, so here you go.
2...last wednesday, i ended up working late and by the time i left the office, chelsea market’s sign had flicked on, a sudden summer rainshower was evaporating on 9th ave, and everyone was laughing. in that moment, so much was so right that there wasn’t much room left for wrong.
3...the apartment building across from mine is called “the mckinley” and most nights you can find me sitting on my stoop staring at it, wavering between zoning out and imagining who might live there. according to timeout, “boston red phil” davidson, a petty thief who knocked off a jewish crime mobster “big jack” zelig, lived there in 1912. he told the police the attack was revenge for a fleecing he had suffered from big jack a day earlier, but others believe it was to stop big jack from testifying as the key witness in a concurrent murder trial. sweet jews for jesus, i <3 the east village.
4...if i’m not on my stoop, it probably means i’m in line for vegan ice cream at lula’s sweet apothecary. i’m neither vegan nor lactose intolerant, but lula’s is one of my favorite ice cream stores in the city (stop rolling your eyes, their stuff is legit). if you are a serious chocolate fan, please get a soft serve malt. if not, a scoop of maple and waffles, strawberry, or any of their peanut butter flavors will do you right. it just me, or are these two doors super mysterious?