amy’s list.

. sister’s boyfriend (my boyfriend-in-law?) was in town this weekend for work so i tried my best to show him some east village / les greatest hits. after a good round of dog watching @ tompkins, running into a giant chinese volleyball tournament, and grabbing some supersnacks at the hester street fair, we took a much-needed breather @ the 6bc botanical garden.
2...not only was this baby being lugged around the east river park in his harness like a live lobster, but he was also sporting a zebra print eye patch (secret sisters).
3...the manhattan bridge opened on nye 1909 and is still lookin’ mighty fine after 101 years.
4...i step on this ave a sidewalk face daily. sorry, dude!
5...i’ve got a lot of intense questions on my mind right now. i’m already inside my head enough as it is, so it’s getting hard to resist packing it all up and moving in there indefinitely. i know i really just need to keep my head high and remember to look up.