amy’s list.


1...on tuesday, i took a cab across the manhattan bridge for patrick’s birthday dinner and since i still had the glow bracelets i picked up in cape cod over the 4th in my purse, everyone got party favors (including our waitress). ms. anna and i split the chicken and patrick’s birthday basil ice cream absolutely killed it. a celebration, indeed.
2...there’s a party at work on thursdays called tgiaf (thank god it’s almost friday) and this week, after a crazy down-pour and crazy clear sky, we all grabbed a beer and went to the roof. not bad for a workday.
3...on saturday, i had very little plans (my favorite kind) so i rode my bike to nowhere and ended up at the east river ferry. after some divine intervention, i convinced a new friend to join me for a quick and quiet trip across the water to ps1. when we got there, a giant dance party thwarted both my promises of quick and quiet, but it was still a trip, nonetheless.
4...confession – – – > i’ve thought about meeting by james turrell at least once a week since sarah and i saw it back in january.