i stare, don’t really care.

Finale at Dolce & Gabbana. JAK & JIL BLOG
A few days ago, I rode one of the many elevators in my office building down to the first floor to get something from the messenger center.  Usually, I put my brain on pause when I have to stop playing with you guys for a second . . . except . . . this time a random old dude got on halfway down (it was just the two us) and took a shiny money clip out of his pocket. Holy Moly Guacamole!  You would not believe the number of crisp $20 bills he had in there!  It was like a golden money clip of dreams!  Fresh $20 bill dreams!  I wanted to touch them!  All of them!  But he was touching them!  Unfortunately, I made absolutely no effort to suppress the wide open, gaping amystare that had taken over my face.  I think it took me, like, a whole fucking minute to realize the elevator had made it to the ground floor and that I needed to stop gawking at this man’s ..H..U..G..E….W..A..D.. and exit, but not before this special exchange (!) :
Him:..You can leave now.