obama & me, embracing the rut.

Obama’s Rut-Splosion. Adeline Affre
I decided this afternoon, amidst the fabulous company of my best friend Dan, that although being in a rut sucks ass on the surface, it’s actually kinda great because it means your headspace is sputtering / flailing and a holycrapthatfeltgood rut-splosion is on its way. Seriously. Rutting has always brought significant check pluses (hardruns, goodlaughs, goodcrys, confrontations, ruminations, much needed vacations) into my life while non-rutting has just offered up a totally inactive (albeit tasty) cupcake front-loaded with fear frosting of the inevitable downswing to come.  So, in case you were wondering:
yeah, i’m in a rut.
a really big fucking rut.
but it’s awesome – you?