hey, june.

June 2010. Flickr Scavenge

Hey. I know we haven’t hung out in a long time and you’re leaving really soon, but these past four weeks have more comfortable and easy than I ever expected.  You’ve been completely different than the other m’s, june.  So thoughtful and kind and willing to let this cool, quiet stillness takeover my worldspace that now, truth be told, I’m not quite ready to let you go.  Maybe, just for a little while longer, you could let me borrow your
circles on slow
suppers on stoops
blues on skies
sills on windows
drinks on blend
books on loan
projects on play
playlists on pause
wonders on worlds.
I know this is a lot to ask.
I know you need to get going.
I know nothing will make you stay.
but I love you.