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Animal Collective.  Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
Animal Collective. Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Seeing Animal Collective perform at the Prospect Park Bandshell this past weekend made we wonder, if this is the kind of shit my friends and I listen to, then what the hell will my children be listening to? I can only imagine . . .

Me:  Honey, dinner’s ready.  Hon?  What’s goi–
My Kid:  Shhhhh!
Me:  What?  What’s happening?
My Kid:  UGH, that was the best part.  You ruined it.
Me:  What are you talking about?  I don’t hear anything.
My Kid:  They’re called Mute.  I played them for you in the car.  Remember?
Me{blank stare}
My Kid:  Nevermind.  I’ll be right down.