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365 Polaroid Quotes. Parker Fitzgerald

There’s a 3-bedroom 4-bedroom on the 3rd floor of my old Hell’s Kitchen apartment building that is home to a rotating dozen of hardcore Scientologists (literally, twelve L-Ron lovers catch their zzz’s on a plethora of bunkbeds in that apartment).  During my second Christmas there, the Scientologists dropped off this DVD called The Way To Happiness in everyone’s mailbox as a holiday gift.  The truth?  I fucking loved that DVD. What? You’re judging me? Comon! It was pretty and well edited and told you how to live a better, happier, more righteous life!  Okay. I see your point. [I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but] after that Christmas, it was my I’m still pretty drunk and I need 60-90min of easy on the eyes ambient brain space to make the room stop spinning DVD of choice.  Needless to say, my roommates were more than concerned for my:
a) susceptibility to cults
b) blatant disregard for good taste.
Update! I haven’t watched that DVD since I moved to the East Village, but my insta-crush on Parker Fitzgerald’s 365 Polaroid Quotes is making me wonder if my taste is still shot and these are just The Way To Happiness: Part 2. Whatevs. I’m just gonna say a little agnostic prayer that Mr. Fitzgerald is not a hyper-religious, bunkbed crazypants who also happens to own the Adobe Creative Suite.
thank you.

  • dan

    a couple of things:
    1) the reason you haven’t watched the DVD since you moved to the east village is because YOU LEFT IT IN YOUR OLD APARTMENT AND IT’S SITTING IN MY DVD COLLECTION MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A CRAZY.
    2) it’s a four bedroom apartment they share, don’t ask how i know.