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365 Polaroid Quotes. Parker Fitzgerald

There’s a 3-bedroom 4-bedroom on the 3rd floor of my old Hell’s Kitchen apartment building that is home to a rotating dozen of hardcore Scientologists (literally, twelve L-Ron lovers catch their zzz’s on a plethora of bunkbeds in that apartment).  During my second Christmas there, the Scientologists dropped off this DVD called The Way To Happiness in everyone’s mailbox as a holiday gift.  The truth?  I fucking loved that DVD. What? You’re judging me? Comon! It was pretty and well edited and told you how to live a better, happier, more righteous life!  Okay. I see your point. [I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but] after that Christmas, it was my I’m still pretty drunk and I need 60-90min of easy on the eyes ambient brain space to make the room stop spinning DVD of choice.  Needless to say, my roommates were more than concerned for my:
a) susceptibility to cults
b) blatant disregard for good taste.
Update! I haven’t watched that DVD since I moved to the East Village, but my insta-crush on Parker Fitzgerald’s 365 Polaroid Quotes is making me wonder if my taste is still shot and these are just The Way To Happiness: Part 2. Whatevs. I’m just gonna say a little agnostic prayer that Mr. Fitzgerald is not a hyper-religious, bunkbed crazypants who also happens to own the Adobe Creative Suite.
thank you.