i’m still laughing.

Okay, so EAS Sports Nutrition sponsored some rando ex-navy athlete dude to do 30 sports in 30 days in 30 different cities. The premise is a little cool, a little whatever / who cares, but what is f-ing hysterical is the last 20 seconds of his first episode.  Oh man.  That face!  When he swallows their shake!
It’s just terrific.

not to mention the king’s pajamas.

This is why I have mad love for Todd Selby’s films:

1...They’re like color versions of the One in 8 Million videos.
2...The one about Rockaway Taco helped me score a new job.
3...They always make me really stoked I still live in New York.

Okay, I’m gonna go bike around the first floor of my enormous downtown loft now.  Bye.

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the fox is awesome.

When I first discovered Bobby Solomon’s blog thanks to this fine lady, it felt like I gained a rad older brother who should have been really annoyed at how much I wanted to be like him, but instead was totally cool with it and even let me hang out with him and his equally rad friends once in a while (hello, awesome).  Anyway, I’ve been trying to watch his CreativeMornings presentation, “Things I’ve Learned From Being Bored,” for over a month, but it’s been really insane here trying to get acclimated to this new job that I haven’t been able to get a whole lot of face time with my bff the internet . . . until now.  Oh man, not only was his talk the kind of kick in the blogging ass I soo hoped it would be, but it also totally reaffirmed that despite Bobby’s insane talent and ridiculously large following, he’s really just a super nice dude who also curates a super nice blog.
basically, guys,
bobby is the f-ing best
(i love how he rolls).