draw me.

Things Drunk People Say. Kathleen Go
I found a new reason to be forever thankful I work in an era post floppy disks, MS-DOS, and dial-up internet.  It’s called Nerve and it’s a totally office appropriate website/magazine about Love, Sex, and Culture.  I’ve been checking it out all morning and I’m currently obsessing over their recurring piece “Talking to Strangers” where they ask random ladies and gentlemen at bars/houseparties deeply personal questions.  Uhhhhmazing.  Nerve also posted some excerpts from Kathleen Go’s fantastically hilarious book of originally illustrated quotes collected via various social networking sites by bar-hopping eavesdroppers called Things Drunk People Say.  Let’s just say I’m in quite a mood and thinking about taking a sloppy/sexy copy back to my place right about now.

yeah, cookie’s drunk.

What happens when an entry-level assistant well into her quarter-life crisis takes over the Company Christmas Party playlist?  GaGa and Jamiroquai, that’s what:

Bad Romance – Lady GaGa
R . E . S . P . E . C . T. – Aretha Franklin
Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings
I Want a New Drug – Huey Lewis & The News
Working Nine to Five – Dolly Parton
Bad Reputation – Joan Jett
I Want to Break Free – Queen
Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai
Walk Away – Kelly Clarkson

And since it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year, comments to this post with your own how about them apples?! Company Christmas Party playlist will cause a very exciting [re]gift to appear in your mailbox.  Responses should contain 3, 5, or 10 songs only, please.  This is a playlist, of course.