vol 61.

hi beautiful ppl.

gah. this f*cking week. blurrrr. idk about you, but i’m spending my whole weekend self-starting a new. you’re obviously welcome to join (more self-starters equal more fun) or just get right to the soothing with summa these:

1.  vvv into spotify user playlist treasure hunting rn. struck yoga teacher gold this week. booya!
2.  jump jack sound machine, where have you been all my life? or at least every 2nd sat of it …
3.  put on van morrison’s sweet thing this am and found my mid-winter blues melting away.
4.  these two ain’t lying calling their bazaar a customer fav. imma customer & it’s def a maje fav.
5.  i know technically this means i’m the worst, but i love shit like this. you have to forgive me.
6.  goddamn all of these reasons are so freaking good. too many gp’s to choose from here.
7.  “we were really the only people in each other’s lives” – mcginley never not giving me l’feels.
8.  umm when is this getting installed in the gym? just checking cause i wanna clear my cal.
9.  pdx is the no. 5 coziest city in america and approx 1x cozier than rochester (apparently).
10.  man i would wear the shiz outta this boobs tits tee if i had the balls ya know what i mean?
11.  thank u bai jesus shalom y’all is open again, this time in a home of it’s own. plus desserts!
12.  guilty of the 1st one (esp to seth) & now i’m self conscious about it. jk can’t stop won’t stop.
13.  güero has a brick & mortar which hopefully means sweet a$$ tortas are in my nr future.
14.  old, but w/e it’s 100% adorbs joy. also, a+ comments. also, can i hold a squirmy one pls?
15.  “i was sand, i was snow – written on, rewritten, smoothed over.” – margaret atwood

boob tees & baby panda pls.

vol 60.


man-o-man long time no see! it’s been 2 weeks since we last thurs-listed and imma take a wild guess that we should just skip the bs small talk and get right into it instead. yea? ok yes! outstanding:

1.  ten meter tower is my acute fear of high dives memorialized on film. holy f*cking moly.
2.  pinback is playing mon 2.6 and now i’m listening to penelope for the first time since 2001.
3.  we the people opens tonight at w+k & i honestly can’t freaking wait. gonna be a goodie.
4.  oh oh oh aaaand the 2nd annual pdx winter light festival goes through sat. what a world!
5.  weirdly obsessed w/ the fashion vid syn·chro·nic·i·ty. wanna hang w/ candy-sandy real bad.
6.  ’09-’10 were the best years 2 b young and chill and listening to music. glad we can all agree.
7.  oh dear lord yes to this forever and ever. like sarah says, “at least we still have ice cream.”
8.  re: this round-up of shows … can i just get an amen for home movies? i can? ok good ty.
9.  wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait what? if this is an april fools joke so help me …
10.  alton brown is da friggin best y’all so imma mark “eat your science” on sun 3.26 as a duh.
11.  i spent most of ’04 listening to baby it’s you & leave (get out) so consider my 2.15 booked.
12.  today i yelled “emergency cookie!” & erika immediately handed me a samoa. i’m not worthy.
13.  sometimes all it takes are a couple omigod / omigod’s to remember how the goodtimes roll.
14.  making me nostalgic for naomi campbell jaywalking around nyc. not a goddamn thing like it.
15.  “we either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. the amount of work is the same.” – carlos castaneda

peace, love, and fleetwood mac.

vol 59.

hi my lovelies!

before we get into it, just want to let you know that thurs list and i will be on vacay for the rest of january. i somehow convinced my pto-fearing boyfriend to take two weeks off of work to drive from sf to la (down the coast! the long way!) and we leave on saturday. i will *obviously* miss you all *very much*. no no no pls don’t be sad. i promise to bring back those little shampoos you love! see? it’s gonna be fine. everything’s gonna be fine. okay. until then … how about a little of this, that, and some of these:

1.  losing it listening to tronicbox remixes. beiber-perry-grande turned up to 80. no duh. gnarly!
2.  bit house has an upstairs called boiler lounge that hosts intimate house parties. yowza.
3.  holy effing moly. 20 courses with davenportfukami mon 1.16? how does that even work?
4.  justine’s recs for the win for the win for the win. road trip long read: ambition interviews.
5.  can anyone vouch 4 omsi after dark? missing dark science on wed 1.25, but vvv intrigued.
6.  enjoying this magnetic fields-trips so much i almost don’t care if 69 valentines is any good.
7.  4 years later, and i’m still thinking about christine’s answer. amen amen amen amen amen.
8.  guyz, great news → fried chicken for him & iconic fried kale for me. trill modern romance.
9.  here’s actual footage of me and you and everyone we know during snowmageddon 2017.
10.  i feel like it’s important to note that john cleese is coming to portland wed 3.15. end of feel.
11.  someone completed my life’s work for me & now i’m unsure what to do w/ all this free time.
12.  ooof. the new yorker really giving my ppls the ole one two punch on this little ditty. ouchie.
13.  never have i ever been 2 sonic. is it really that good? confused what could possibly beat dq.
14.  g-damn phillip k. smith iii’s 1/4 mile arc looks like it was flipping gorgeous. pls come back.
15.  “you’ve been brave so long … you just gotta go on being brave.” – margaret mitchell

69 basset hounds running in slow motion.

vol 58.


this week was fah-reezing. all of my limbs are fah-rozen. beyond that, there’s not much else to say except that i’m happy to confirm there’s still a helluva a lot of cool ass shit going on and everyone should go out and get theirs:

1.  fyi matt has been hosting you hate movies for years. brb while i finally “get into” podcasts.
2.  52 places to go in 2017 is out and pdx is no. 49! we beat budapest! everything’s okay now!
3.  been thinking about this scene for – honestly – no good reason. oyyy. whyyy. send halp.
4.  sandy hut’s owners are taking over the alibi and they promised to keep it wacky. whew.
5.  confession: kathy griffin is my guilty youtube k-hole jam and i’m suuuper excited for jan 26.
6.  tonight is 1st thurs. writing it down b/c i keep forgetting. oh, & a really cool thingie at wk.
7.  no amount of liquor could warm me up enough to attend this. literally just a temp issue rn.
8.  q: do you enjoy laughing so hard you cry a lil? me too. might i recco this blooper reel then.
9.  h/t emily for tips on a dude who photoshops himself into kendall jenner’s insta. i luff him.
10.  there’s been *talk* of adding crossfit into le sweat routine. chris says intrepid is solid. t/f?
11.  thx to my fsa, i’m now the proud momma to a pair of thick warby’s in toffee fade. nerd alert!
12.  just wanna make sure everyone is aware of this doggie. you see it? ok good. just checking.
13.  lolz re: gateway show fri 1.6. can also vouch for high poker (esp when you’ve never played).
14.  aware this only enhances the alert in #11, but coffee science stuffs at omsi this wknd guyz!
15.  “you just have to grow up and try and be worth it.” — neil gaiman

peace, love, & pratfalls.

vol 57.

oh happy hanukkah hi hello!

okay. some of you may be asking yourself, “omg i know it’s hanukkah but will there be a list today?!” to answer your question (and as you may have already discerned from the 15 numerical goodies below), oh hell yes there will be a list today. turns out, there’s a lot of coolshit to look forward to in 2017. let’s get to it shall we:

1.  ty blake for bringing this into my life. like he says, “drop in at anytime. fresh ylang ylang yo!”
2.  now that you mention it, ali wong, vegan brunch actually does taste like a bowl of erasers.
3.  big yes to figilia which just opened inside rejuvenation. meat meets butcher’s daughter?
4.  if not a 3 course ice cream sundae pop-up for v-day, then definitely a date w/ john waters.
5.  cool story apt therapy, but where was this good looking space heater round up in early dec?
6.  big ups 2 sue 4 the insta hot tip that le labo is in pdx now. marsh needs a new scent bad.
7.  shalom y’all is relocating from pine st market to a spot much closer to my office. pure glee.
8.  srsly, guyz. where the trader joe’s hatch chile mac and cheese at tho? alphabet district?
9.  cool & vintage = pics of cool chicks on / near vintage cars. oh wait. the cars are for sale?!
10.  seth’s thinking nopo greasy spoon 4 nyd foodz, but if u need mas opciones, look-y here.
11.  i’m p. meh on yearly round-ups, buuuut this one’s p. great. “it is 561, not a trillion trillion.”
12.  bummed to miss the pancakes & booze art show (!) fri 1.27. pour some syrup out for me?
13.  if nye turns out to be a holiday garbage fire, you better believe there will be … a do-over.
14.  no reservations. no tasting menus. h/t deadshot for the hope of something better in 2017.
15.  “she was unstoppable. not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.” ― beau taplin

eau de vintage ylang ylang yo.

vol 56.

hi hi hi hello.

sending this out a day late because yesterday was a snow day and i was so friggin’ excited to work from couch bed kitchen table reading nook home that – oh man big surprise – i couldn’t sit still and got absolutely nothing accomplished. buuuuut that was yesterday and this is today (a whole new day!) so i hunkered down and wrote a “thurs” list to commemorate us all thriving n’ surviving this wintery af work week:

1.  i knowwww. storms are no joke, but i could watch these snowpocaplse videos all damn day.
2.  okay fine in feb i’ll squeeze in an episode or 2 of so cosmo btw all my icy bumper bingeing.
3.  analysa informed me nikki glaser is in portland this wknd. wtfaaaaa? does everyone know?
4.  ooOOOoo there’s also a rad lil happening at nationale on sun 12.18. “hello, ladies” indeed.
5.  got mac’s a+ lip primer as a gift in 2014 & it only ran out last week. some shit’s made riiiight.
6.  spotify pared down their personalized “year in music” review & ppl r piiiiissed. i ♥ mine tho!
7.  s/o 2 firelight & the max 4 staying open throughout this riduclous snow-show. i appreciate u.
8.  mon 12.19 is a vvv important day in pdx history: movie quizmas and pq monthly gay skate!
9.  sry nymag but these are way more my speed than my maaaahn’s. ooo esp the chill stones!
10.  remember when i said westworld was meh bleh no ty ma’am? this has me like oops m’bad.
11.  guyzzzz my friend ezra is playing sabertooth microfest sat 2.4. i’m so flurff-ing excited!
12.  baby. judging by the mercury’s tone, we need 2 scarf up & get our a$$e$ to peacock lane.
13.  officially fine sending this a day late because fucking all i want for xmas carpool karaoke.
14.  loved rogue one (srsly!), but like where’s the scene of them eating something 4 god’s sake?
15.  “there’s a way not to be broken that takes brokenness to find it.” – naomi shihab nye

peace, love, & celebrity mashups.

vol 55.

hello beautiful people.

maybe it was the snowy half day today, but suddenly i’m really feelin’ that most wonderful holly jolly christmas-y time of the year which – for a frequently agitated and generally anxious 30 something jewish grinchess without kids – is a little weird. but, like, whateverrrrr. i’m feelin’ it. letting the good times roll ya know? you know.

1.  first of all, i’d like to start by congratulating this amazing weirdo super kid for being 3 y/o af.
2.  westworld = maje let down. calling an audible & fully committing 2 west wing ← n00b alert!
3.  spent snow day 2016 sitting on my couch watching planes land in crazy pdx crosswinds.
4.  tea bar just opened a pearl location dangerously close to my office. pray / pay 4 marsh. ty.
5.  y’all gotta get yo butts over to made you look. they sell superballs that do not disappoint.
6.  bridgetown bagels opens sat 12.10 & whaddyaknow – i’ll be at a salon 5min away. yeaboi.
7.  sorry but apparently there’s an annual haters guide to the williams-sonoma catalogue? brb.
8.  saw this after giving some 12hr aleve-d cold & sinus to a co-worker. idk which one i am tho.
9.  reminder reminder reminder 3rd annual nog off is sun 12.11 reminder reminder reminder.
10.  will festival of lights make me feel all warm + christmas-y inside? pls say “duh amy obvs.”
11.  david duchovny why won’t you love me why won’t you love me why won’t you love meeee?
12.  enough. you’re booked sat 2.18 for the 7th annual distillers guild toast. we’re all going okay.
13.  here’s 8 sneakers that – supposedly – feel as good as they look. got my $ on the allbirds.
14.  devendra banhart on tue 1.24 and stevie nicks on tue 2.28?! be still my freaky folksy heart.
15.  “some things don’t last forever, but some things do. like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there.” – sarah dessen

bartlet, banhart, & bubble tea.

vol 54.

well hello again!

dang it’s been a while. oy. let’s definitely change that. this week has been an f-ing doozy so i think everyone deserves something reeeeeeeal nice just for making it to today in one piece. oh good. glad you agree. wonderful. here’s what i was thinking:

1.  vvv happy to report kenny g is killing it on twitter. look, times are tough. kenny helps.
2.  everything on this gift list esp perfume that smells like “skateboarding on a summer day.”
3.  speaking of gifts, wrapping paper is so good rn. u like tacoshot dogsspace?! get yours.
4.  munchies, more articles about espressos topped with huge mountains of merengues plz.
5.  jimmy eat world is in town mon 12.6 … guess everything everything really will be just fine.
6.  poor pine street has been put through the ringer. here’s a glimmer – da brunch is good!
7.  gah. caroline. i needed this article on how to wear ankle boots with jeans, like, years ago.
8.  there’s only 1 cat who could convince me to attend this show and his name is rocket nagel.
9.  big wknd drama re: gilmore girls (long story). def coulda used this candle to simmer down.
10.  harrison lane makes gorgeous furniture inspired by his fam. obvs penny’s desk is my fav.
11.  fy-i, anonymous is a ranty pdx must-read & their next showcase is a ranty pdx must-see.
12.  i am vvv concerned no one knows about the pastry competition at the ace on sun 12.11.
13.  buzzfeed said it best … 19 floofertons to warm your freezing cold wintery heart. gr8 slug 2.
14.  my hood got some mercury love and there’s a way to archive discover weeklies. we okay.
15.  “the newspaper stories were like dreams to us, bad dreams dreamt by others. how awful, we would say, and they were, but they were awful without being believable. they were too melodramatic, they had a dimension that was not the dimension of our lives. we were the people who were not in the papers. we lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. it gave us more freedom. we lived in the gaps between the stories.” – margaret atwood

you & me & kenny g.

vol 53.

oh hi hello.

good lord we made it to thurs? a genuine miracle but ya know what i’ll take it (taking ’em wherever i can get ’em). in case you’ve also been having “one of those” and feeling slow or cloudy or drained or tired, here’s a little putz-eria of pick-me-up’s for ya:

1.  little boxes, ur holiday shopping contest rules are confusing af, but i still love u anyway.
2. a sweet set of things to surprise + delight all the broadway geeks out there. damn yankees.
3.  word on the street → the 18th annual animation show of shows is what’s cookin’ this wknd.
4.  ooo the eater pdx awards are out and they named some of my favs. go maya! go bit house!
5.  hello fancy manly friends! u there? if so, do i have a designer for you. mmm outerwearrrr.
6.  in a dream world, fishs eddy would carry these dishes & i would own a whole bunch of ’em.
7.  pretty sure the chili jamboree will be both the best and the worst smelling event this sat.
8.  gah! sleigh bells is at wonder ballroom on fri! odds they’ll play some treats? nada? zilch?
9.  guyz. heather just told me about the barefoot sage. vvv confused why we aren’t here 24/7.
10.  pdx monthly released a culture cheat sheet and it’s totally great. also, they’re on spotify!
11.  the boy meets world house is for sale & la moule is serving brunch. things are lookin’ up.
12.  give me that warm industrial kitchen look c/o artfully hung copper pots or give me death.
13.  polly brown printed out her mistakes on newsprint & i gotta agree. it did smell kinda funny.
14.  pdx nog off pdx nog off pdx nog off pdx nog off pdx nog off sun 12.11 is the pdx nog offffffff.
15.  “you get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place, i told him, like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again.” – azar nafisi

lansbury pins & barefoot wins.

vol 52.

hi loves.

as a beloved former co-worker once commented after a particularly crappy start to our week, “well that was just an unfortunate shit ass tuesday now wasn’t it?” sigh all your sighs, feel all your feels, i’m just going to leave some nice things below for anyone who needs ’em. cool? cool. i love you.

1.  here’s a fun fact: sarah was the first person ever to put a bandana on a golden retriever.
2.  yesterday, my bff’s mom sent her children an email that should be in everyone’s inbox.
3.  new kid made you look is closed on tue’s (and occasionally for naps). grand opening sat!
4.  bougie coffee is my jam and i didn’t know about a ton of these spots. ok ok ok ww. u cool.
5.  my friend alex knew i was v. sad yesterday so he sent me here. good ppl beget good ppl.
6.  good news! there’s vegan bdsm accessories now. s/o to the socially responsible kinky set.
7.  speaking of sexy time, the xx is releasing an album & shared the track hold on. about time!
8.  v. much like to drown my sorrows (or celebrate my joys if/when they return) at bar casa vale.
9.  i adore my apartamento videos. tchaik & melissa make me warm n’ happy. like a hot toddy.
10.  frances may’s warehouse sale is sun 11.13 and now they’re donating 10% to the aclu. hyfr.
11.  lindsey is hosting square dancing w/ daryl & yvonne on mon 11.14 aka best night of yo lyfe.
12.  how about we pick ourselves up, we clean up nice, & we all go grab a drink at dame? yep.
13.  been listening to blues run the game uhlot. when i ain’t drinkin’ baby you are on my mind.
14.  this is the 52nd thurs list which means i’ve been sending these babies for a year. wowza!
15.  “but a chair, sunlight, flowers: these are not to be dismissed. i am alive, i live, i breathe, i put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight.” – margaret atwood

kid stores & apartment tours.

vol 51.

hello lovelies,

ugh man. just me or did everybody have a massively weirdo wtf week? i think imma just walk away slowly hoping there’s a retrograde somewhere to blame for all this ho-boy-idk-yikes-ness. and remind myself there’s always good stuff (if you look hard enough):

1.  this kitchen remodel only cost $300 which cannot possibly be true. black cabinets? stfu.
2.  just a friendly reminder that hannah jones is one helluva lady. also, hi beastmode. how u?
3.  here’s 19 pdx restaurants where dessert steals the show. and yes, there’s always room.
4.  i’m sorry what? 36 hours in manhattan below 59th street? bold, nytimes. veryyyyy bold.
5.  throw as many mudcloth pillow round-ups at me as u want, blergs. imma click regardless.
6.  t mag will always be chic af. those minimalist rainboots? me, u, and everyone u know likey.
7.  i expected the portland nightmarket to be superdumb, but it was, in fact, superfun. mcworld.
8.  newt day fri newt day fri newt day fri newt day fri newt day fri new day fri newt day fri 11.5!
9.  yo yo yo is anybody watching quarry? do i need to get a cinemax login or what? talk to me.
10.  gah i f-ing lurvvvve addams family values. i could watch it any day, any time. so why wait?
11.  eb & bean is opening on se division fri 11.4 to the delight of bougie fro-yo fans everywhere.
12.  here’s a mood elevator for ya → halloween 2016 at the white house. “that’s potus!” dying.
13.  i so wanted solo club to be good, and well whaddya know … the good reviews are rollin in!
14.  i discovered fleetwood’s the dance 7mo’s ago & now everything before it/then is null/void.
15.  “ideas are like fish. if you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. but if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper. down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure. they’re huge and abstract. and they’re very beautiful.” — david lynch

newts & rainboots.

vol 50.

hi hi hello!

my mom (aka sue aka suzie q aka mrs. marsh aka not like a regular mom aka cool mom) lands in pdx for her first ever visit to the rose city in t-minus 60 min so pls hold all my calls and take good care of each other. while we peace out and see/do all the things, here’s a fresh list to get u ppl goinggggg:

1.  my hometown shelter has the best web 1.0 internet presence ever. where my dog ppl at?
2.  thanks to a rekindled ♥ via this playlist, i would deffff go see blitzen trapper on sat 10.29.
3.  classic rock n’ roll riffs n’ hooks not yo thing? whattabout a bollywood thriller dance party?
4.  a v. special work colleague has zero internet presence, but loves a good pie. this is for him.
5.  speaking of work, ohai top companies wnw creatives would kill to work for full-time. how u?
6.  g-bless dog milk for bringing mrs. flans into my life. singles & readys to mingle? swooooon.
7.  this typographic tribute to our national parks is l’url i didn’t know i needed. to zion goes i.
8.  noun is hosting a 1st thurs letter writing night. u, me, & a healthy dose of twee. starts 11.3!
9.  justine found the perfect red lipstick and now everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.
10.  how am i only now discovering that clooney owns a basset?! c’mon ppl. communication.
11.  flawless drag queen bingo benefitting one tail at a time is everything i lurve all in 1 place.
12.  hella down for a smartly curated super deep sale. 90% off pigeon toe + alter sat 11.5 boiii.
13.  yo yo remember when lada gaga was glam af futurepop batshit cray? ch-ch-ch-changes.
14.  ho-boy. spyce is hosting a haunted strip club time machine. 2 words … shining bartender.
15.  “facing it – always facing it – that’s the way to get through.” – joseph conrad

mrs. marsh-flans & basset-clooney.

vol 49.

yo yo yo.

been listening to uhhhlot of top 40 lately. maybe something to do with a waning attention span and a constant, burning desire to gtfo and fucking daaaance. while i uhhhh get that checked out, y’all check these out:

1.  fell down an envy k-hole yesterday b/c a kid on the max was styling this while holding this.
2.  such anniversary salez → heart freebies (today!) + 20% off red sail (fri/sat). shop till u drop.
3.  h/t seth 4 sharing this v. important piece of investigative journalism. miss those ads, man.
4.  this clip of america’s dad roasting his teens’ texting habits 4eveaa. that selfie mime? gold.
5.  thanks to josh’s recco, seeing jenn wasner’s side hustle flock of dimes at doug fir tonight.
6.  oh ww, you had me at knockout cioppino. moving jacqueline to the top of the pdx to do list.
7.  we interrupt this list to show you an important pic of shia labeouf’s dog having a good time.
8.  +1 feelin’ that winter chill (my room is cold af). putting this lil’ pocket guide in my … pocket.
9.  “sir elton john interviews one of his favorite new musicians” should be every headline okay.
10.  goodtimes ahead friday. library book sale aaand park ave wines party. get lit. get it? heh.
11.  i once dated a guy who reeeeeally liked talking about emergent behavior. lalalala that’s all.
12.  holiday dog johns holiday dog johns holiday dog johns this is not a test holiday dog johns.
13.  went to movie quiz last month – delightful! halloween edition is def where it’s at mon 10.24.
14.  total sucker for spooky cemetery tours. praying untimely departures is big kids only. ooof.
15.  “everything passes. everything changes. just do what you think you should do.” – bob dylan

grey poupons & dog johns.

vol 48.

hello beautiful people.

this week was fine fine fine ft. lots of little things coming together. that wtf is this actually gonna be continuum between chaos and shape, the space between no thing and the thing. but enough esoteric shit. there’s real stuff to discuss!

1.  i don’t remember why i followed chris’ tumblr, but sometimes i’m like, “aww thank you.
2.  if there was ever a time to start collecting paper goods, it’s right this f-ing sec. srsly. get it.
3.  bto! how was jolielaide? as harmonious & ambitious & beautifully restrained as they say?
4.  remove “affordable,” & i’m in. nice to have alts beyond west ikea elm, even if just 4 inspo.
5.  rosie wrote a poem re: her ivanka run-in that made me feel things. also, “wasssup men?”
6.  as y’all as my witness, i’m gonna own this voutsa lip wallpaper one day so help me gawd.
7.  umm red alert → george costanza is performing at arlene schnitzer this weekend!! jerry!!
8.  ooOOOoo lost boys live! returns fri 10.14. my recco? go see it before it’s gone. foreverrrr.
9.  and the winner for worst name, best line-up in a radio sponsored event goes to: boo bomb!
10.  oh shit i thought this was just gonna be a teaser. it’s the whole freaking special. rip 2003.
11.  maje clyde common s/o in this nytimes 11 drinks @ 11 cocktail bars article. dream team!
12.  watching westworld & eagerly awaiting black mirror s3 b/c apparently i just discovered tv.
13.  v. unique weather chatter: it’s raining in pdx. direct flights 2 mexican paradise, anyone?
14.  formally thanking zovig for fire under water. repeat one like i’ve never repeat one’d before.
15.  “the whole world is wild at heart and weird on top.” – david lynch

dream teams & vacation schemes.

vol 47.


well, this was fun. you know. just, like, doing the damn thing for a week or so. into it. super into it. let’s do it all over again soon. definitely! ya! definitely. until we meet again … here’s some sweet nothings to get ya to tomorrow:

1.  this texas a&m brah did a funny thing with his iphone lockscreen. u go glen coco. u go.
2.  omg nymag sex diaries still exists? this baby got me through 3 yrs of paralegal “admin time.”
3.  lindsey daylights as a boss & moonlights as the host of a baller science show for kiddos.
4.  obvs this event needs no add’l hype, but, like, where y’all finding these giant pumpkins at?
5.  is it better to have loved and lost a podcast than never to have loved a podcast at all? sigh.
6.  damn super professional. back at it again with the white vans and doggie dating apps. ♥
7.  guyz guyz guyz. thurs 10.13 is momoland. momoland! can you believe it? i can’t believe it.
8.  and and and. it’s also haunted haus of edwards ft. alyssa edwards. hell yas! *tongue pop*
9.  carly kindly informed me that some very culty ramen is opening up in southeast. funtimes!
10.  gah. must be on some sort of frank o remix trip cause now jg’s white ferrari got me rollin’.
11.  hot dog buns & wafers & tiny jello molds. some things are just asking to be destroyed.
12.  suffered a sm. chemical burn refusing to admit i have sensitive skin. fine. stocking up now.
13.  ugh miss them already. a sadder goodbye than that one summer i did all 8 weeks at camp.
14.  um ya. basilisk makes the best fried chicken sandwich in pdx & i don’t care who knows it.
15.  “real love is responsibility, compromise, selflessness, being present, and all that shit. fake love is magic, excitement, false hope, infatuation, and getting high off the potential that another person is going to save you from yourself.” – melissa broder

science shows & jello molds.

vol 46.

hi there!

it’s thursday (surprise!) and you’re absolutely delightful (seriously!) and you deserve nice things (see below!). feeling like it’s one of those c’mon dude can we just get to the good stuff kinda end-o-weeks so no more dilly-dallying. i brought enough for the class:

1.  letting this dvsn remix of frank ocean’s godspeed console me like a chenille throw. glory.
2.  bar casa vale’s friends & family preview was last night & hubba hubba da place looks ace.
3.  versace s/s 2017 won the retro sportswar w/ naomi, but am i seeing things? is she trippin’?
4.  oy! hella a+ things on friday. the get downhis girl fridaylez stand upjuggling fest?!
5.  big ups to han oak for topping pdx power rankings. meta paring → parts unknown s1e2.
6.  this am spotify recco’d their women of indie playlist so i went for it. oh happy customer.
7.  i’m so close to buying yogatoes. could really use a hurts so good out of body stretch rn tbh.
8.  vietnamese drinking snacks? from the owner of fish sauce? on the eastside? uhh doiiiiii.
9.  i used to see maya working the room at jack’s wife freda all the time. fuck. ing. flaw. less.
10.  gah justine has the best best best best taste ever ever ever ever. i’d trust her with ma lyfe.
11.  obvs this st. bernand is me, but also each & every 1 of us. together as 1. forever united.
12.  watched chet faker’s gold video late last night … g-bless those floral cut offs. amen girl.
13.  confession: i tried a pound® class at firelight and ♥’d every goddamn awkward min of it.
14.  not unlike my boyfriend, we’re all just figuring it out, staying true, doing the best we can.
15.  “you will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again. and i will wait for you.” – fyodor dostoyevsky

ripstix®, remixes, & rollergirls.

vol 45.


yo yo yo.

well. this has been a funny little week now hasn’t it? oh wait. no? pretty a-typical? not particularly funny? roger that. see #12 maybe. or better yet … see ’em all. this a damn thurs. list’s ready. come and get it!

1.  can’t stop won’t stop playing javier dunn’s animal cover. pairs pretty damn nicely w/ the og.
2.  well if this isn’t an f-ing gorgeous soon to be baked by leslie waara cake, then i-seriously-dk.
3.  ugh me too me too me too me too me too me too me too gah can we go around these ppl?
4.  of these 7 hotels, dewberry’s got my ♥ (ain’t nobody got time for $1770 a night st. regis).
5.  hitting up spare room’s monthly party the get down on fri 9.30. all welcome. legit-ness tbd.
6.  i’m a sucker for anything “chefs’ favorite” so this eater map is particularly pleasing to me.
7.  on a big honeycrisp kick the past few weeks. should prob just go pick my own this wknd.
8.  woah! paydirt’s been open for a year? extra credit: long read on zipper dev k. cavenaugh.
9.  in case anyone was wondering, i paused animal for a sec to rock out to capsize. kthxbyeee.
10.  oh, the special issue that ft’d cavenaugh also incl. this excellent essay on pdx’s future.
11.  luxe sale time! something practical pretty, something regular pretty (equal parts swoon).
12.  that one time my bf pulled a hilarious stunt to surprise me … & then it went viral. hi mom!
13.  “on oct 3rd he asked me what day it was.” – so u agree? mean girls viewing on mon 10.3?
14.  my friend julia’s challah just scored a bon appétit greatest recipe of all time. mazel, girl!
15.  “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – f. scott fitzgerald

challah back.

vol 44.

oh hey hello!

had a real nice week over here. simple. stuff happened. emails were sent. text were answered. days came and went. a whole bunch of new things to be happy and excited about. particularly …

1.  francis and the lights is really blowing up my music rut rn. friends & see her out. ♥♥♥.
2.  if i’m, like, 1/16th as cool as this high schooler when i grow up, holy hell yes plz & thank u.
3.  heading to a wedding in santa monica this weekend so cup of jo really did me a solid. hello!
4.  only sucky part = gonna miss the pdx collective sale, adult swim drive-in, & zed’s pop up.
5.  on a garden bar child’s size kick b/c it’s a steal / excellent vessel 4 duhlicious bagel chips.
6.  miss critical mascara last weekend? ack! dang! good news tho: sharon needles at dante’s!
7.  i’m no runner, but omg per the little bit i’ve learned (aaand loved) about them … ooof terrible!
8.  so many things 2 adore about h&m’s autumn 2016 vid. #1 for me? comments. are. disabled.
9.  what? a heavyweight art show featuring warhol and steve mcqueen? here? in portland? stfu.
10.  thanks to jay’s surly non-rave-y guide to overlook, i reeeally want to hit up grandpa’s cafe.
11.  feels a little “ahh stop mom you’re embarassing us” that the miramonti is on trip advisor.
12.  dog magazine dog magazine dog magazine dog magazine doggggg maaaaaaaaagazine.
13.  v. useful post on sport bras but also fuck yea bethany lyons truth slaying da yoga ones.
14.  dear billy, your upper east side living room is all of the fabulousness ever. never change.
15.  “and she tried to breathe.” – alison mcghee

you, me, & some pierogis.

vol 43.

hello beautiful ppl.

not quite sure how we made it to thurs, but goddammit i’ll take it. there’s plenty of good stuff on the internet (to be actualized with friends n’ family n’ lovers irl okayyyyy), so imma just get right to it. cool? cool:

1.  def hitting up solabee for a “stop looking at that router & look at me instead maybe?” plant.
2.  stupid happy w/ the reclaimed wood shelves patrick whipped up. bowls on bowls on bowls.
3.  it is overly pleasing to me that the cut insists on referring to adam brody as seth cohen.
4.  2-story karaoke bar to open on ne broadway which seems so strange / silly it just may work.
5.  oh hell yes i would one hundred one hundred one hundred percent watch this reality show.
6.  s/o to naomi for the sale fyi. jane’s vanity on fri 9.9 + a big ass warehouse sale on sat 9.10.
7.  tba:15 was a game changer 4 me. blown away it’s already tba:16. delightfully overwhelmed.
8.  holy shit who’s coming to the critical mascara: a post-realness drag extravaganza w/ me?
9.  i can’t explain adamriff™ except that sometimes it just, like, speaks to me. por ejemplo. idk.
10.  what do you think kathy bates is doing right now? maybe the same thing as shelley long?
11.  wanna know what’s good in pdx food w/o liking 1001 fb pages? np. follow natalia + maya.
12.  pb discontinued the only oil diffuser scent i’ve ever liked and now i’m v. concerned. halp?
13.  ugh i loved this book and now i wanna read it all over again. good thing print isn’t dead!
14.  this played by jamie xx spotify playlist is 15+ hours of lots of things i really needed rn.
15.  “it is a thousand pities never to say what one feels.” – virginia woolf

love & post-realness drag extravaganzas.

vol 42.

hello friends,

holy shit ballz wow moving is lame and sucky and exhausting and that’s all i have to say about that. haha omg no just kidding. i will absolutely have more to say about that for, like, at least 3+ weeks. good news: also able / avail to switch gears and talk about other things such as …

1.  33 “god” is the lyric video i never knew i needed. “well i better fold my clothes.” perfection.
2.  i also ♥’d everything about quaintrelle sans the name (hard to spell! too many syllables!).
3.  mentioned suttle back in march, but now it’s o-fficial official. hell yas. i 2 love a good dock.
4.  “eat it all, w/o sharing, maintaining steady eye contact the entire time.” oh you’ll def get it.
5.  chloe is why i finally registered to vote (no license req’d!). stoked her shop turns 22 sat/sun.
6.  this will be controversial-ish but um idk sry west coasters? essential pdx mexican mapped.
7.  i will follow drake & rihanna’s love story until the bitter end so just like bear with me kthx.
8.  dear v. cool & wise ppl, hand eye supply hosts rad events and they are freeee. tue 10.4 ftw.
9.  q: wud u judge me if the only drive-in at zidell yards i want 2 see is space jam on sat 9.24?
10.  joseph vibes a lot like martha marcy may marlene. beautiful scary lace and ladies. fri 9.9!
11.  s/o to the infrequently updated but always a+ tumblr wordbirds. where my chutzpigs at?
12.  bluelounge cablebox and i are celebrating 7 years of domestic bliss this month. i ♥ you, b.
13.  oh p.r.e.a.m. there’ll never be another quite like u. here’s to the afterlife. may it b real nice.
14.  is it just me or is the portland sushi scene sorta quiet n’ obscure n’ hard 2 love n’ follow?
15.  “some things are hard to write about. after something happens to you, you go to write it down, and either you over dramatize it, or underplay it, exaggerate the wrong parts or ignore the important ones. at any rate, you never write it quite the way you want to.” – sylvia plath

welcome to the space jam.

vol 41.

oh hi hello.

is anyone out there? it’s been a real weird late summer combo of totally dead and f-ing insane all week which makes me think the end is nigh so maybe we reprioritize and only go for the good stuff? yea? sounds very much like a plan? coooooool. doin’ it and doin’ it and’ doin it well:

1.  hidden worlds of national parks is a whoa / woah win. happy hundo anniversary, parks!
2.  if your sun 8.28 isn’t planned entirely around bagel farm’s pastrami pop-up, then idk y’all.
3.  seth sent me this essay yesterday. me: a genuine & lovely read on medium? it can be done!
4.  my iphone battery sux & apple said “turn it off more.” ugh. buying this b/f the inevitable reset.
5.  in other fall in ♥ w/ a song & then play it on repeat until i’m f-ing sick of it news, upswing.
6.  jen, that’s not nearly enough pics of john stamos. can we get a few more pics plz? tyyyy.
7.  in the spirit of getting what u want / need, here’s the new frank o. take care of each other.
8.  how much u wanna bet stranahan’s master distiller is 1 righteous dude? answer(s) tonight.
9.  holocene is fulla babies, but flood the place with your ppl and you’re golden. go. get down.
10.  uhhhhh big bug brunch at omsi on 8.27. prerequisite: med-high tolerance 4 children et al.
11.  dear ppl peace-ing out labor day wknd … stay! don’t go! you’ll miss the superfab yard sale!
12.  i kno at least 1 person who will be v. happy glass animals is playing pdx thurs 10.13. hiiii.
13.  wed was agonize over l’desktop background day. settled on my old apt entryway. live slow.
14.  finder is how i “figured out portland.” i scored 3 copies of the latest ed. 1st reply 1st served.
15.  “so when the blue smoke of brittle leaves was in the air and the wind blew the wet laundry stiff on the line i decided to come back home.” – f. scott fitzgerald

flood the place with your ppl.

vol 40.


hi hi hi.

sending this a day late because my big thurs plans got sidelined by wacky adventures in picking up craigslist furniture (1001 thank you’s, high fives, and free flowing red wine to rav4 owner & personal lifesavor alex) and also because idk guyz i’m not always 15min early and waiting for you at the bar. sometimes i have to send a running late sry text too. ugh but, like, only sometimes. oy. pray for marsh. aaaaanyway, here’s some nice sexy weekend things to think about:

1.  i wanna go to a car wash with u and blast alaska right before we shift into neutral. cool?
2.  speaking of real chill music to do real chill things to, mad props to raquets by indian wells.
3.  did y’all know that the oldest drag queen performer lives and slays in portland? boooom.
4.  today in taco truck news … let’s call it a day & get our butts over to tight tacos & tehuana.
5.  solae’s lounge & no fun bar are giving me the most feels from ww’s 2016 bars of the year.
6.  ooooshit kanye west’s pablo pop up shop is coming to portland this weekend. ye or yay?
7.  g-scouts r rolling out 2 different s’mores cookies w/ the same name. you’ve. been. warned.
8.  i think bon iver is happy b/c this is so beautiful, but not in a cry in the bathroom sorta way.
9.  “you know what? … whatever it is, you now have permission to do it.” – carl says go for it.
10.  david intro’d me to kishi bashi so i dedicate the thurs 10.20 wonder b-room show to him.
11.  beloved supper club mae is launching 4 course appalachian sun brunch on 9.4. sa-woon!
12.  stoked for what the mercury calls “the last true portland tradition that hasn’t been ruined.”
13.  o-yay it’s gonna be 91,000 damn° sat / sun so maybe open a window & shibori some shit?
14.  wut? u hate crafts? more like arts n’ farts n’ crafts? fine dude. irvington yard sale n’ chill.
15.  “it’s partly true, too, but it isn’t all true. people always think something’s all true.” – j.d. salinger

love & shifting into neutral.

vol 39.


thick summer week, wading through mud, going nowhere but definitely maybe somewhere. heavy, ya know? and for no good reason. i’m heading back home to indiana to meet my new-ish baby neice *first time aunt alert* and pretty darn (that’s midwestern for “absofuckinglutely”) excited to meet her. while i’m away, pls have yourself a super chill wknd. lots of sweet stuff goin’ on:

1.  no idea how to take advantage of this, but the meteor shower of the decade starts tonight!
2.  the cut put together this damn near perfect yoga playlist and now i’m feelin’ blissed af.
3.  i know. it’s summer. i just can’t help it. i’m craving the fall. gonna rock all liv tyler (esp these).
4.  portland art museum is mad $$$, but … next free day is sat 8.13! and it’s gonna be good!
5.  did you know toro y moi released a phenom new live album? i didn’t. g-bless music blogs.
6.  hella rad ladies funk soul hip hop night sat 8.13 at goodfoot. pretty pissed imma miss this.
7.  2nd best thing about the amazing stumptown spelling bee? official acronym is … assbee.
8.  it’s gonna be hot as hades this weekend so drink lots of water & order a shaved ice maybe?
9.  little bit of love for stranger things fans: pics of kyle dixon working on the score at home.
10.  ww blind-tasted every sparking water they could find in pdx and the results made me lol.
11.  kupp was in my improv class and i wanted to be her bff so bad. def recco seeing her show.
12.  if hand on your ♥ isn’t the most lovely thing you’ve ever heard, then idk what to say dude.
13.  the bounty of yamhill county sounds like b- waller, but hey. wine + hot air balloon rides!
14.  pillows pillow pillows pillows fuuuuck me i want all of these trendy a$$ mud cloth pillows.
15.  “we cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows. choose a place where you won’t do harm – yes, choose a place where you won’t do very much harm, and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine.” – e.m. forster

hand on my ♥.

vol 38.

hey babes,

this week has been mostly me thinking, talking, fretting, stressing (but definitely not crying … nope … didn’t do that … didn’t … meh whatever fuck who cares) about moving to the eastside at the end of the month so it was so nice to just, like, not do that today. basically, this list is as much for you as it is for me. thank you. thank you. thank you.

1.  katiemike made a super rad touchy light field at pickathon! i wanna touchy it so much!
2.  used to think @weratedogs was everything, but then shannon sent me @dogsinhs. mmm.
3.  gah maayan’s suits are aaalmost perfect. just gotta fix that name. babes in bathers? no thx.
4.  måurice‘s kristen murray is just as beautiful art teacher as i imagined she’d be. great rec 2.
5.  anyone know why likewise’s fernet cocktail requires a min of 2 ppl to order? i’m intrigued …
6.  w/o further ado, here is a tiny bed for your sponge and an avocado rest for your spoon.
7.  wait wait wait an organized screening of the craft at hollywood theater before halloween?!
8.  3rd annual dog days of summer weiner / pug race = sat 8.27 at river pig. we’re not worthy!
9.  speaking of impossibly adorable things i can’t stop looking at, this here video right herrrrre.
10.  listening to this + devendra’s cover and dreaming of a white apt filled with plants and light.
11.  can we talk about chip readers for a sec? i thought i was the only one feeling these feels.
12.  i know > 1 person who will be v. excited to hear about the adult swim drive-in on sat 9.17.
13.  bad day? just remember that time obama lost it when he saw a baby dressed as the pope.
14.  can u let local natives know i’d reeeeeeally appreciate them playing the hits on mon 9.19?
15.  “take me to your trees. take me to your breakfasts, your sunsets, your bad dreams, your shoes, your nouns. take me to your fingers.” – margaret atwood

love and no longer being in hs.

vol 37.

yo yo yo!

this week was … just. plain. lovely. not sure there’s anything left for me to say on the matter so here’s a bunch of random nice ppl who have a bunch of random nice things to say on a bunch of random nice matters. enjoy!

1.  i dedicate all 6 of these sunscreens to the babely domme, full sun long walk extraordinaire.
2.  high 5 analysa for the scoop on the renegade craft fair this wknd. and you get a boob mug!
3.  speaking of renegade crafts … girl keven just got the custom live edge table of my dreamz.
4.  can anyone vouch for lovetrue? oh, you know. the most ambitious documentary of 2016!
5.  man, if u would have told me 8 yrs ago i’d be v. into a band called telepathic teddy bear
6.  i’m moving to overlook in sept (fuck fuck fuck moving fuck) so i’ll prob be here / here uhhlot.
7.  everybody wish ghengis, best portland bar dog, a happy b-day! dogfriend, u r more than ok.
8.  no greater visual pleasure than an artfully executed balloon installation. c’est magnifique!
9.  “you can’t be drinking a beautiful tequila & eating tacos & be in a bad mood.” – nate tilden
10.  let’s just say if you invited christina or miss renee to my [surprise] b-day, i wouldn’t mind.
11.  ummm everyone’s aware boyz ii men will be at the portland symphony on tue 9.13, riiight?
12.  ok. tara’s figure skating show has to be good because i neeed / waaant this in my life rn.
13.  tomorrow’s gonna be hot as bawls, so excuse me while i daydream about real cool pools.
14.  toro bravo’s parking lot paella party is wed 8.17 so, like, gcal that shit with notifications.
15.  “anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.” – truman capote

love n’ random niceness.

vol 36.


here’s the thing … it’s too damn nice out to do anything but get straight to the point (and on to enjoying this crazy beautiful day). yea? yea. ok then. let’s do this:

1.  imo michelle is the true leader of the free world. would be a helluva vp nom, hil. just sayin’.
2.  ooOoo bamboo sushi annex is open! those signature bowls look p. bomb (and hella $$$).
3.  ♥︎-ing jessi’s book (reading b/f bed per hh’s fab life rec). v. excited she’s at powell’s fri 7.22.
4.  weed + a shit ton of rosé not your thing? here’s an alt vehicle for relaxation. only $17,000!
5.  this video is preeetty weird, but now the song’s stuck in my head so i guess i live here now?
6.  yea ok fine fast co we’re kinda sorta totally really super jealous, but like … it’s still etsy tho.
7.  all the murals in portland still feel like they were only finished a few hrs before i found them.
8.  eaterrr. i needed this creative veggie / vegan dishes map, like, yesterday. eesh. i mean thx!
9.  these forest creature candids are great, but wassup squirrel is obvs his best work. duhdoi.
10.  what to do w/ this lighthouse or … it’s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine).
11.  bit by a domestic travel bug like woah. something tells me san antonio is the way to go.
12.  apparently, even tho i’ve never seen an episode, i reeally like west wing fanatics. go figure.
13.  things that pair well together: song exploder and perusing kindah’s tank and other bits.
14.  i’m sry did you say burlesque tribute to beyoncé this sat 7.23 at disjecta? count. me. in.
15.  “i don’t exactly know what i mean by that, but i mean it.” – j.d. salinger

get it. get out there.

vol 35.

yo. yo!

i don’t know what just happened, but in a sudden turn of still-at-work events, i’m now writing this and drinking a frozen marg out of a disposable paper cup and eating free-to-me microwave nachos. before things get reeeeeeal wild, imma stop questioning whatever beautiful coincidence brought this snack into my life and just press send b/c those are called blessings baby, get you some:

1.  jess said i had to say something ’bout pokémon go (or umm else?). ok fine. here u go.
2.  srsly trying to move to se so duh i re-followed apt therapy. ooo look → a flea in eugene!
3.  yo. anybody hit up the mister green party at machus? were the pyt’s really lookin’ this fly?
4.  remember #4 hunnymilk? well, they’re swell. hosting a stealth burger night on tue 8.2 too.
5.  mad self-aware props 2 celine dion 4 rocking a chic oversized af titanic hoodie. mhwgo.
6.  if you stop by my desk and i’m not watching this a+ video on repeat, something is vvv wrong.
7.  heading to 112° desert for a vip 30th. leaned in & powell’d a pool read. now watch me dip.
8.  oh shit. weekly rooftop cinema at hotel deluxe started! hairspray on thurs 8.18, anyone?
9.  plus the (annual?) weird plants sale at the portland nursery this wknd. buy low sell high : )
10.  prob fulla tween-somethings, but gotta admit – champagne safari is a räd day party theme.
11.  tam closed in april b/c of flooding, so sat 7.16’s wonton party is, like, a really big deal ok?
12.  then again, canadian monks just released 600 lbs of live lobster into the ocean. ♥︎ is ♥︎ y’all.
13.  reeeally into this welcome to night vale taping on thurs 7.21. guh. love a good ghost story!
14.  if “champagne dunk tank” is what i think it is, consider me tré sad to miss bit house’s b-day.
15.  thx 2 ww’s pro / tips, now following @pdxalerts and wondering which color gloves to get.
16.  “love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.” – shakespeare

peace and tortilla chips.

vol 34.

hello. hi. hi.

i held off on sending this yesterday because it didn’t feel right and – being a stubborn as fuck feels all the feels feeler – i listen carefully to that sort of thing. okay. so it’s not yesterday anymore. i think that’s fine. maybe even more than fine. yes. i’m gonna go with that. good riddance yesterday. leaving this list right here in case you’d like some good feels in your inbox. take only as needed:

1.  i love these women. i love these men. yes yes & yes. these are my humans. much love, wk.
2.  i could listen to losin control and lsd forever and ever inhale exhale namaste amen amen.
3.  if neither of those are ur jams, i suggest u try pma’s best songs of 2016 (so far) for an alt.
4.  been craving hat yai’s fried chicken since last dec and last night i finally saw what’s what.
5.  can’t think of anything sweeter than seeing west side story in 70mm on fri, sat, sun 7.17.
6.  to the brain behind the name zigzagzurich: uhhh can we haaang? drink iced chai’s and chill?
7.  count me and my eavesdropping voyeuristic tendencies in for dwell home tours on sat 8.27.
8.  if moulin rouge sing-a-long equals solid friday night plans 4 u, consider us behst frehnds.
9.  s/o to the goth float on the clackmas fb invite. lol bonus pts for the cover photo & spf 100.
10.  what’s on tap sat 7.23? oh, just a fight club screening + q&a w/ chuck palahniuk. nbd.
11.  still waiting for someone to curate a legit 1st thurs guide. as for july … idk blackfish maybe?
12.  really enjoying oliver’s volte-face, famous places photographed from the wrong direction.
13.  been a min since my last diy / hack. might be time to give wit & delight’s runner a go go.
14.  who am i kidding … breakfast is wayyyy more realistic (i don’t even have stairs in my apt).
15.  my desire to up and visit the jennings hotel in joseph has officially reached absurd status.
16.  “as i watched the seagulls, i thought: that’s the road to take; find the absolute rhythm and follow it with absolute trust.” – nikos kazantzakis

lists, love, and lsd.

vol 33.

geez louise.

what day is it? wed? thurs? sun? no idea. genuine surprise every time i check my phone. i tell ya, this whole week before a long holiday weekend time space continuum is a beeeeeast. let’s just hope my phone is right and it’s thurs or else uhh sorry? actually, no. strike that. not sorry. pls enjoy this timeless slice of knowledge goodness:

1.  yea i binge watch apple trailers. what? brings me gems like buddymoon and flula okay.
2.  it’s summer which means editors are working hard to ensure yololiving your best life.
3.  obsessed with the idea that anything could be released exclusively at dollar general. heh.
4.  nursing a theory that urban development is the new climate change (formerly what we eat).
5.  spotted a dude wearing this. googled it. found it. bought it. what an incredible time 2 b alive.
6.  unless your thingie involves 100’s of joyful joyful corgis, i’m unavail on sat 7.30 and sat 8.20.
7.  shocked toad the wet sprocket + rusted root gen. admin tickets are $38. das bold toads.
8.  boy bye by super professional is giving me so much hope n’ happiness n’ hootenanny rn.
9.  aww new seasons & ww are hosting a block party in slabtown on wed 7.13. uhhhdorable.
10.  oh, design milk. you had me at combo master, lounger, rooftop garden top floor oasis.
11.  löyly helsinki looks like a dream, but i’m pretty positive löyly portland is just as divine.
12.  can two people love each other for a long, long time? sarah says, “gosh, i hope so.”
13.  and here i thought jumping off the high dive was f-ing terrifying … happy 4th of july, g. star!
14.  per request (and cause i secretly love christmas in july), these are a few of my fav things.
15.  “like the way the sun is right now, with the long shadows, and that kind of bright, soft light you get when the sun isn’t quite setting? that’s the light that makes everything better, everything prettier, and today, everything just seemed to be in that light.” – john green

peace, love, and ample natural light.

vol 32.

hello there!

well. we did the damn thing. again. it’s been a slightly meh idk everyone’s on vacay week, but the overall undervibe seems to suggest cool big shape shifty things are on the horizon. if y’all have any leads, hit me. i hate surprises. speaking of giving everyone total fair warning forever and always …

1.  brooke barker strikes again! tyyyy anna beth for the bb hot tip. also, omg ab your cat.
2.  spotify’s put some funky stuff on my weekly, but i’m suddenly feelin’ sleepers’ reign. lift off!
3.  been years since i updated mine, but w/ a name like super awesome video screensaver
4.  “teen boy waits patiently as his prom date recreates entirety of beyonce’s formation” – hyfr
5.  umm why isn’t everyone talking about the festival of balloons this wknd? fun & dangerous!
6.  major summer party sat 6.25 in cathedral park. 2 my nyc refugees, go. st. johns is red hook.
7.  and then (no and then!) sun 6.26 is a frances may sample sale. read: 75-90% off this ditty.
8.  oh, to be young n’ free n’ have a license n’ get your head stuck in a barney for 45min. kids!
9.  pine st. is a ux nightmare (update eat / pay flow 2 be like foodlife plz). dat green falafel tho.
10.  the mercury released a jeff goldblum issue! whoever actualized my thoughts / prayers, ty.
11.  full sun tomorrow (and for the next 10 days). i’d recco tan-ebrating at century or bible club.
12.  adarchives is making me v. nostalgic for the stussylevi’s, and benetton i never owned.
13.  an adorbs ebay admin is out to stack the 6pm ab fab at regal stadium on fri 7.22. get. it.
14.  if u know who makes this star spangled low plunge, plz reveal yourself. 2 me. eod. asap.
15.  “i daydream on the idea that maybe all this barbarism and all these transgressions against ourselves is an equal and opposite reaction to something better happening in this world, some great swelling wave of openness and wakefulness out here.” – frank ocean

loving undervibes,

vol 31.

hi hi.

thurs list went awol last week because i was in nyc for a wacky work shoot and swamped with some crazy (good-grueling / exciting-exhausting) priority to-do’s. i got back on monday am and *huge surprise* have been commuting via struggle bus ever since. oh yea? you too? weirdddd. pretty sure we just need to drink more water or get a good night’s sleep or have someone whisper sweet internet nothings into our ears while we get a good night’s sleep. the last one? np:

1.  if u haven’t seen zootopia, stop drop n’ go. read btw the lines. it’s trill social commentary.
2.  wait. imessage is changing? is this the part where we’re too old and don’t “get it” anymore?
3.  some eavesdrop. others draw cartoons on cocktail napkins. team early & waiting at the bar.
4.  one of these two things is almost exactly like the other. how much kitsch is too much kitsch?
5.  backlight slide on sat 6.18 is sold out / might be a bust due to rain, but dayum it looks rad af.
6.  picnics are overrated, but movies in the park are def not. thurs 7.7. n. park blocks. woo me.
7.  pugs is the pdx underground grad school which makes pugsfest a very misleading fb invite.
8.  i know i know magazines are dead, but these indies are so pretty. can we get one? plzzzzz?
9.  cult korean beauty products would be killer ref images for a high brow horror mood board.
10.  paul simon released a new album and nobody called me? the phone goes both ways, paul.
11.  here’s a bfd: pdx outdoor pools opened on tue! might i recommend a classic pairing?
12.  tix for tacos n’ tequila on sat 6.18 are sold out, but it’s portland so just show up n’ be nice.
13.  after you’re full up on tacos / tequila, see the liberators at 7:30pm. no drunk heckling tho.
14.  jo roy’s tribute to fry’s hatred of dancing has led me down a vsq k-hole. plz send help.
15.  “true success is figuring out your life and career so you never have to be around jerks.” – john waters

g’night in the morning.

vol 30.


hey hey hey.

y’all know my feels re: the short work week after a long weekend so maybe we leave the groggy grimey wtf plz make it stop bits behind and just tell each other something nice. yea? you’re into that? well then fuck man. how about a whole bunch of somethings nice:

1.  k stew doesn’t usually do it for me, but those gold hoops & that smokey jam … damn.
2.  eeesh willamette week is really dr. jekyll and mr. hyde-ing over pine st. market. ww r u ok?
3.  looking 4 quality wknd lolz? hit up set list at the bridgetown comedy fest. thurs, fri, and sat.
4.  there’s an exact replica of the max in chicago you can actually sit down and eat in. zoinks!
5.  celebrating tusk’s opening later this month by putting the best track on 24/7 repeat one.
6.  “i want to wear a hat without anyone commenting on the hat.” – ajrudy droppin’ major truths.
7.  you’ll need to get me preeeetty drunk to tag along, but once i’m there … i’ll never be sorry.
8.  q: have you ever heard of a better name for a pizza place than please louise? a: noooooooo.
9.  someone plz test this slushie drank recipe and report back asap. asking for many friendz.
10.  the holy moly-est dog days of summer are officially set. blessed be sun 6.12 and sat 8.20.
11.  the blissfully slow world of internet newsletters is why i decided to give tinyletter a shot.
12.  surprised joe’s cellar didn’t make eater’s round-up of iconic pdx greasy spoons. no good?
13.  the woodsman tavern now serves lunch on weekdays. oh jes kiddos. the italian is back!
14.  love that this article on asking for a raise assumes the boss is a woman. [awkward pause]
15.  “you were always perfect and i was only practice.” – chance the rapper

corgi days & oaxacan nights.

vol 29.

well hello there!

in case mild acquaintances haven’t reminded you every goddamn day this week, memorial day is upon us which – apparently – means it’s our civic duty to have an engaging response to a lot of unsolicited “what about you? doing anything special?” inquiries. idk. imma live my best life and try to remember to not come into work on mon. anywho … how about a list of unsolicited niceees? no response needed. unless the spirit moves ya.

1.  you know what they say … smoke ’em if you got ’em. idk maybe only scott k. says that.
2.  after i get a dining table (eta fucknever), imma host a party. tldr anything but the wine bags.
3.  listening to animal collective’s don’t think twice, it’s all right cover on repeat cause i can ok.
4.  superwrong about the last flea i plugged, but sun 5.29 will actually be worth a visit. i swear.
5.  the 6th big float is on sun 7.10. lovebomb go-go? 100ft slip n slide? stock up now, folks.
6.  “she fedexed it – it’s … the real deal.” – bay garnett on sevigny’s contribution to fanpages.
7.  ooOOoo akron street expanded its roster of hip clean minimal apartment shit. elotap. done.
8.  odds lawaara will need taste testers 4 stephen shore’s key lime pie supreme? good, right?
9.  will wale regret the “snapchat shortie” lyric in my pyt or nah? a timeless classic regardless?
10.  speaking of, the history of snapchat is fascinating. s/o to female intuition and looksery.
11.  ode to the spicy italian grinder as inspired by the o-bros’ osteria cart on sw 10th & alder.
12.  ginuwine & yeasayer play wonder ballroom on fri 5.27 & sun 5.29, respectively. gbless.
13.  no? no yeasayer? what about connor’s monthly sichuan collab? can we at least try that?
14.  “if there’s one thing i’ve learned, it’s this: we all want everything to be okay. we don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. we will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough.” – david levithan

hoi polloiz & party noize.

vol 28.


sending this one later than usual, so i’m imagining you’re now wearing your comfy evening clothes and have settled in for a calm, quiet, lovely little thurs evening. maybe an adult beverage in hand? ok ok idk it was just a maybe … anywho … whilst you sit n’ sip (ack ok or not!), here’s some things to consider:

1.  been thinking a lot about album openers. jo’s longstanding fav is over my dead body. you?
2.  “their lives, in the long, warm nights, go on regardless.” – fuck it, portrait of uganda nightlife.
3.  surprised at the # of big box hotel giants opening up. the chamberlain looks promising tho.
4.  ooOOOoo a round-up of vvv intriguing us islands! a+ cause mackinac is my freaking jam.
5.  the deluxe’s 19th hole returns on fri 5.27. let the boozy mini golf and umami goodtimes roll.
6.  who doesn’t ♥ a good modern day hanson video? big moment for taylor at 1:30. mmm[bop].
7.  comedy bang bang’s live podcast taping is tue 5.24. turns out ppl are vvv psyched for this!
8.  any word on roi friday? the first one is fri 5.27 on se 2nd btw taylor & yamhill. i’m intrigued …
9.  reese’s pieces were my mall movie marathon candy of choice, so this news is pleasing 2 me.
10.  also re: pleasing foodie news, ya hala serves brunch now. za’atar croissant? duh ok yes.
11.  this feels a lot like all those free ipod scams from 10-12ish years ago. i mean … good luck?
12.  heard about lost lander at mississippi studios b/c matt was in my improv class. portland!
13.  anyone wanna roadtrip to vegas to see 30ft dayglow totems? anyone? anyone? bueller?
14.  “you’re on earth. there’s no cure for that.” – samuel beckett

peace n’ hotel sex,

vol 27.

hey you’s. you’s who kick all the ass there is to kick. i like how you do. i like how we do. here’s a little of this and a whole lot of that to get you through:

1.  the table i’ve been lusting after since xmas is on sale. i don’t think i’m ready for this jelly.
2.  holy moly that’s a lot of unclaimed loose change. like, salaries worth. lol at pago pago tho.
3.  i support the sheets, backpack, and portable charger portion of nymag’s strategist fyiiiiiiiii.
4.  well lookee here … st. johns is throwing it’s 10th annual bizarre this sat 5.14. what a ‘hood!
5.  willamette week released a 2016 bar guide so from my liver to yours: sorry (i ain’t sorry).
6.  i might be going to minneapolis in june and july so vvv thankful for this cup of jo city guide.
7.  j. lo’s song ain’t your momma is … umm … not great, but dang the vid couture is on point.
8.  if maven collective taught me anything, it’s that the 5.15 montavilla flea will be a must see.
9.  dark, bright, dirty, flirty, fabulous, and just wanna dance? same. c u at holocene on sat 6.4.
10.  my fav insta dawgs directed tegan & sarah’s new video. what an incredible time 2 b alive.
11.  if the idea of an ice cream seuss off doesn’t get you lit from the inside out, then oh man idk.
12.  bless basilsk cause i’ve been craving a monstrous chicken sandwich for 2 damn weeks.
13.  the met gala was a thematic wtf, but then cass camped out in the ladies and poof … fab.
14.  “there is always some madness in love. but there is also always some reason in madness.” – nietzsche

vol 26.

another thurs in, another list out. feelin’ preeeeeeetty good about all the things (man o man vitamin d does the mind body good, yah?). call me crazy, but i’m thinking we skip all that fluffy surface small talk shit and just f-ing go for it. yea? ok cool. glad that’s settled:

1.  spotted elijah wood at kure, but my sandal strap keeps sliding off so, like, call it a wash?
2.  josh is an old buddy of mine so if anyone needs a fact check, yes, he is actually that nice.
3.  i will be listening to just like me by betty who for the next 48-72hrs so please bear with me.
4.  next time anyone above drinking age mentions tumblr, make sure they’ve read this article.
5.  no plans sat 5.7? got u. go see back to the future live w/ maestro kitsopoulos at the helm.
6.  local natives is one of my fav bands but they’ve been mia since 2013. that is … until now.
7.  i’m not a huge fan of face swap (feels akin to other ppls babies) but this one … dayum.
8.  sorta feel like i should stop making lists now that this one is up and at ’em. only sorta tho :)
9.  olsen twins hiding from the paparazzi is now closed so if you went pls find n’ regale me.
10.  viceroy is dj-ing euphoria thurs 5.19. stoked b/c his epic remix playlist is an old love.
11.  hitting up first thurs 2nite and unimpressed there isn’t a comprehensive map. amiwrong?
12.  any word on shalom y’all? srsly if this isn’t the catch-all for my pnw jew woes, then idk.
13.  paul simon concert!? yspls but like circa 1970 somewhere lovely and warm and peaceful.
14.  “in a world full of temporary things you are a perpetual feeling.” – sanober khan

vol 25.

i’ve been seriously non-functional zombie-esque all week for no good reason whatsoever. hedging major bets next week will be infinitely better. until then, how about we just relax and click and forgive ourselves a lil’ bit?

1.  it’s rumours on coffee shop blast season so obviously love love loving these bomb remixes.
2.  bummed it took me 29 yrs of inner thigh summer rubbing to discover this magical little stick.
3.  went on a diffuser rampage. settled on pb’s, but really wish i had known about alder & co.’s.
4.  baptiste yoga was my jam in nyc so you can bet your bendy butt imma try melinda’s class.
5.  the garden behind pizza jerk will soon be home to a sweet weekly backyard pop-up. whew.
6.  thx to web queen shannon hutchinson, i’ve been attending this emoji party all damn day.
7.  holy shit classpass now costs $200/mo in nyc like how are they even allowed to do that?
8.  okay camp kidz now let’s get in formation. camp nostalgia is a real thing and we’re going.
9.  anyone else read moment junkie? i’m not a “wedding person” but it’s def a guilty follow.
10.  “she’s not the hero we deserve, but she’s the hero we need.” – re: the kiss cam pizza star
11.  fully loved beg improv w/ nicholas. confirming his sat 4.30 show is gonna be f-ing ace.
12.  just making sure everyone knows annie leibovitz photographed the queen and her corgis.
13.  been listening to lemonade non stop because duh obvs. lemme know if you need a login.
14.  “do anything, but let it produce joy. do anything, but let it yield ecstasy.” – henry miller

vol 24.

well well well. we f*cking did it. another thurs bites the dust. onto the next boiiiiiiis. tomorrow i’m hitting the road for an early mexican birthday with joanna and elana. plz do me a solid and spend all next week doing you, keeping it real, treating yourself, going for it, raising the stakes, and giving everybody hellllllllll. until then, some list ♥ for my list lovelies:

1.  packy the elephant turned 54 today so obvs pdx zoo keepers made him a cake. hbd packy!
2.  this best neighborhood bar poll is decently comprehensive if you click through each ‘hood.
3.  godbless adventure iphone cases. ain’t nobody got time for half-assed flare. k, otterbox?
4.  wanted: someone to treat me like the most sublime creature on earth. are you my lobster?
5.  a+ four tet remix of sia’s “chandelier” c/o never not got her finger on the pulse sarah brin.
6.  why does the 1960s architecture collective superstudio feel oddly familiar? cuties to boot.
7.  not to overhype, but thurs 4.21 at han oak is gonna be the most killer french foodie day ever.
8.  pretty much amazing is living up to its namesake with a v. helpful fav albums of 2016 page.
9.  if you are not doing everything to attend the bloody mary block party on sun 5.1, then idk.
10.  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii just wanna fly. put your arms around me baby. put your arms around me baby.
11.  insiders + outsiders agree, if there’s one new bar to try this weekend, it’s americano in se.
12.  an internet date got me on this bone thugs fleetwood remix so, like, chivalry isn’t dead?
13.  re-watched the sliding doors trailer and shit guys they don’t make ’em like they used to.
14.  “if you hide your ignorance, no one will hit you and you’ll never learn.” – ray bradbury

vol 23.

there are some suuuuuuper good vibes roaming round these halls today. can’t think of anything i’d rather do than soak it up and get right to it:

1.  i’ve fallen down an ultimate rihanna lookbook hole and now i don’t care to get up. goodday.
2.  these make my ♥ swell with dreams of disposable incomes & hobbies that stimulate my mind.
3.  relistening to midnight moon by waterstrider thx to discover wkly. damn, kid. lookin’ good.
4.  nytimes be all like,aaaaand you get a yacht! and you get a yacht! and you get a yacht!”
5.  based on 3:36, 8:54, 9:36, 12:27, j. lo and i reeeally need to party. tonight boo boo. club-wise.
6.  pdx’s best peruvian lunch is in sw and w/n walking distance of the aerial tram. dayyy date!
7.  the only thing better than @travelgov’s blatant neg is the cut mansplaining it out for them.
8.  got a copy of boy club magazine in the mail on mon and it is divine. worth every darn penny.
9.  y’all clear on beyonce’s new athleisure line? good cause damn. b’s team srsly gets digital.
10.  getting thru the week like … as wk diva whisperer carolyn d. would say, “struggle. bus.”
11.  prince coffee opened up in north portland last sat! vvv excited because stroopwafels.
12.  guyz. everything shawn huckins touches is trill n beautiful n hilarious n nthing is real.
13.  broder is opening up in hood river and thank god b/c i cannot eat anymore bs pizza.
14.  wait. hold up. there’s a big gay boat ride on sun jun 19? that is just, like, all the things.
15.  “you remember what is lost, and you forget what’s right in front of you.” – ann brashares

vol 22.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
man oh man it’s been a weird and rough couple of weeks. everything was turned up to 11 and i didn’t have any time/space to stop and breathe and think, only react. super gross. seriously not my jam. not long term anyhow. bright side is i can totally see the light. like, literal light. literal bright side. full sun. 60° and rising. how about we celebrate with a nice fresh list? ja? jaaaaa.

1.  please dear lord let everything the nytimes said about suttle lodge & boathouse be true.
2.  guess i’m not the only one still waiting on their oregon tax return. deep comment lolz ahead.
3.  to cry, apologize, and take things personally w/o repercussion or judgment. all of this please.
4.  “garbage person” just taught me that internet linguist is an actual job. such jel. much wtf.
5.  vvv promising vibes for tryst on ankeny alley + bible club in sellwood. salud, adventuresses.
6.  sometimes the new yorker just freaking nails it, ya know? that first two star review. dying.
7.  you’re free 4.18 to 4.24 right? ok good cause it’s pdx pizza week and i already said we’d go.
8.  i plan to recreate the sorry video at founder’s day tmrw. u too? cool. let’s coordinate outfits.
9.  i’ll bet good $$$ kindah khalidy is a hella whimsical soul with salt & pepper art teacher hair.
10.  oo! willamette week’s 2016 cheap eats edition is out. maje sorries if you’re reading hungry.
11.  erdem’s crazy fingers are creating a drum line that should totallllly not be possible solo.
12.  dayum tina. way to effing slay the framing / situ of @creaturecomforts’ plumage print.
13.  ok. just to be suuuuuuuuper clear, lord huron will be in town on sat 8.20 … at the zoo.
14.  gucci is such a sexy beautiful weirdo rn. ugh to be wild n’ free n’ rock big a$$ lip earrings.
15.  “please believe that things are good with me, and even when they’re not, they will be soon enough. and i will believe the same about you.” – stephen chobsky

vol 21.

thurs list is back after a week-long haitus (oh heyyyyy crazy town mon, tue, wed, thurs, fri … how u?). this list thang turned 21 today so, like, have a bougie cocktail in its honor. or just have one in general. have one cause it’s sunny. yea! cause it’s f-ing sunny. cheeeeeeers! (we can too have it all):

1.  djds’ remix of rihanna’s “work” is absolutely perfect. would’t change a goddamn thing.
2.  after a year of searching, finally scored a mcm low boy dresser from the reclaimory.
3.  told carly about #2 and she got me hooked on this a+ etsy shop for more dresser dreamin’.
4.  2 savory, sweet, and deliciously whimsical courses plus a bev for $20? hello, hunnymilk!
5.  tegan & sara are releasing a new album in june. not even embarrassed how excited i am.
6.  such a foodie crush on maya lovelace. y’all as my witness, i will one day snag a seat at mae.
7.  danica showed me this delightful game called stack and now i can’t stop thinking about it.
8.  oOo look! an easy breezy cool ass chica tip on how to messily half roll your jeans. yussss!
9.  i know güd people who neeeeeeed a coffee table book on the last authentic ny pizzerias.
10.  dame is opening in the old cocette space (nr. beast) and i have feels it’s gonna be great.
11.  the great discontent is my fav blog to cool ppl watch. the fuzzco post didn’t disappoint.
12.  totally loving beginning improv with nicholas kessler. highly highly highly recommend.
13.  sun 3.20 is the last portland flea at their og unionpine location. imma def be there. u?
14.  “you live and learn. at any rate, you live.” – douglas adams

vol 20.

ok. so it’s not thurs anymore. i know. but thurs fucking sucked (especially for feelers – big feeler over here) so i went with my feels and didn’t send this on a thurs thurs. that said, i subscribe to the belief that bear hugs and loud laughs and randomly texting the people you love and remembering there’s a world beyond our desks that’s full of ridiculously beautiful shit is some of the best medicine. so, without futher adieu, here’s a fresh “thurs list” from me to you:

1.  apple launched @applesupport and the replies section (aka HALP ME) is way too real.
2.  a pop up spa where rabbits hop around to provide a “calming atmosphere”. what a world!
3.  the hairy lobster just opened on nw 11th & kearny. betting the bread & butter is where it’s at.
4.  these sculptural senior portraits are giving me liiife. eyes as big as plates. what a name!
5.  ever used live lovely to find an apt? heather morba got me into it. looks super promising.
6.  got word ’bout these great playlists from able’s amazing newsletter. keep the vibe alive.
7.  there’s a profesh wanderlust amongst us. ms. arrazcaeta got the solo travel sector on lock.
8.  the promo for ellen paige’s viceland documentary series gaycation gives me chills. ohlawd.
9.  the oregonian’s 2016 cheap eats list is out and my sweet tooth and wallet are vvv pleased.
10.  dang, london’s the place to be this year. you’ll find me at the artist residence hotel. oh my!
11.  my weather obsession hasn’t waned, so obvs i’m loving sunshine. notifications on pointtttt.
12.  the hiking boot ratings in this 6 hikes to celebrate spring post are just gosh darn adorable.
13.  “there are times when it will go so wrong that you will barely be alive, and times when you realize that being barely alive, on your own terms, is better than living a bloated half-life on someone else’s terms.” – jeanette winterson

vol 19.

oh man, what a ridiculously beautiful day to share ridiculously beautiful things tucked away on the internet. sun’s out, bun’s out so let’s just get right to it:

1.  feb fake out got me dreaming ’bout ocean-side movie screenings and a deluxe inn + spa.
2.  blogspot gives me heebie-jeebies, but i’m loving this deconstructed sushi roll. duhlishuss.
3.  oh, to be as trill as piper the wildlife control airport dog. big ups danica borgese for the fyiiiii.
4.  happy national chocolate-covered nut, chili, and clam chowder day. choose yo party wisely.
5.  currently jamming to this baller #tbt girl power playlist. that’ll do, spotify intern. that’ll do.
6.  first is the worst, second is the best so, like, shut it down and go to brewstillery2 on sat 2.27.
7.  uninspired? friend kate digilio. ask her about lunch boxes or lissie or adele’s vogue shoot.
8.  feb doesn’t usually have 29 days. eat some vvv tasty russian food to wash the weird away.
9.  grace is opening for st. lucia on fri 3.4 at wonder ballroom. a must see. def da place to be.
10.  this show will either be laaame or 2006 bbc planet earth amazing. that m. freeman vo tho.
11.  thx to pro tipper morba, here’s a superb guide to pdx dining month. legit spots up in there.
12.  “it is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” – oscar wilde

vol 18.

confession: i dread the short work week after a long weekend. everything’s all crazed and crammy from the get go and i end up feeling 1-2 wonky steps behind all dang week. dare i say it but … cheers to the regular size weekend and regular size work week with which we’re about to be blessed. i. can’t. wait. well, i guess can. until then:

1.  kachka teamed up with new deal distillery and answered my prayers. na zdorovie, y’all!
2.  man o man i love james turrell. if roden crater is anything like meeting, count me so in.
3.  willow is opening on 3.1 in the old fenrir space ft. $29 tasting menus all month. heyoooo.
4.  round ’em up: best breakfast? check. rad ramen? check. top tea? check. check. check.
5.  saw this video on buzzfeed and fell down a serious youtube k-hole. thisthis, aaaand this.
6.  i doubt i could commit to these verbal changes, but (and?) i bet the payoff would be sweet.
7.  whatever you’re doing on sat 2.27, cancel. we’re gonna need you at the betsy & iya bazaar.
8.  i ♥ oatmeal and have an unmanageable chocolate problemo so this is v appealing to me.
9.  speaking of things i love, 3.12-3.13 is a coffee beer, donuts, & coffee festival. *mind blown*
10.  nasa is giving away baller space posters for free. hallo studio? it’s me. i was wondering …
11.  cdx is moving so everything just went from vvv pricey to vvv discount-y. go forth, shop girls.
12.  brb while i dream about ignant’s top 5 parisian bakeries. du pain et des idées for du win!
13.  “the most expensive part of building is the mistakes.” – ken follett

vol 17.


TGI freaking thurs. as my fav soulcycle instructor used to say, “let’s dooooo the damn thing … {42ish min later} … damn thing been dooooone!” oh, also … important update: y’all are marvelous. not sure if you were aware so, like, fyi and stuff. you’re the best. the best! ok. needed to get that off my chest. feeling much better now. moving on:

1.  odds david would adopt this giant rabbit for us to hold when we’re stressed? #wkbunnies
2.  willamette week just released 28 reasons to love pdx. wassup 4, 9, 14, 20, and 26. i see u.
3.  keeping mad tabs on bar casa vale’s opening. think “smoked foods” means local lox? yspls.
4.  i’m sry, did u say the portland of portugal? omg nytimes. why are u so obsessed with us?
5.  heard yeasayer is releasing an album 4.1 so obvs been waxing 2010 o.n.e. nostalgic since.
6.  ooo pastaworks is baaaaack! i bet my landlord refers to me as her “centerpiece tenant” too.
7.  double tapping all of gravity blog while i save for structube’s reno table. hellooo tax return.
8.  in big ♥ with woonwinkle so vvv intrigued by the minoux trunk show they’re hosting today.
9.  anyone ever been to dance yourself clean at holocene? i so badly want it to be awesome.
10.  josé gonzáles is performing at arlene schnitzer on 3.7. remember heartbeats? *sighhhhh*
11.  wondering if the cheese & crack snack shop would ever make this beauty a little boozy …
12.  thanks to this case, i’ve never lost my key card and rarely carry a purse. liberate yo self.
13.  “one must write wonderful things, make discoveries, and see to it that wonderful things happen to you. that is life. the rest is rubbish.” – boris pasternak

vol 16.

this week i realized i check weather.com and talk about the weather uhhhhhlot more than i used to. thinking i might need to slow my roll because one time i saw consecutive days of 0% rain and started yelling “check the ten day! check the ten day!” at, literally, everyone. yep. time to switch gears:

1.  hold up. bette is on instagram and starring in the marc jacobs s/s ’16 campaign? jes!
2.  def enter wildfang’s win a baller wknd in pdx contest before 2.13. big no brainer. big. huge.
3.  finally, a pdx pop-up restaurant guide. just living my best secret late-night milkshake lyfe.
4.  years from now, when i have to explain hipster millennial culture, i’ll just show this. holy moly.
5.  the pdx light festival is glowin’ up the e. waterfront now thru sat 2.6. *nods approvingly*
6.  lake street dive is playing crystal ballroom on wed 3.2. go see rachael irl. whattavoice!
7.  ♥ ♥ ♥ various key tags. i daydream about custom ones i wanna give/get almost daily. sigh.
8.  i don’t get how maven collective is so fairly priced. magic? trust fund? magic trust fund?
9.  just making sure y’all know about the dirty charlie at cup & bar. yes? ok. good. wonderful.
10.  fun fact = boiling ping pong balls makes the dent pop out. thank scrap pdx for the fyiiiiiiiii.
11.  can’t find your fav booze b/c of state liquor bs? pro tip: use drink up ny or hi-time wine.
12.  “nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” – mary shelley

vol 15.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
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what a delightful little regular length week (that constantly felt like a jammed up short week) we just had ourselves here. despite the time warp … the good vibes, w2’s, goodbye emails, curious smells, and free kind bars were all a flowin’ and we made it through. until next time, here’s a list of misc good things to close out your thursday (not friday):

1.  got bit by the dance bug on sat so now i wanna be a video vixen drop cap when i grow up.
2.  besaw’s finally re-opened, but i’m way more interested in solo club, their bar next door.
3.  riri’s album came out today. it’s not on spotify (ugh), but it’s free on tidal for a ltd time.
4.  passport lost / expiring this year? do yourself a solid and renew asap. avoid the surge, yo.
5.  this wknd is the hand eye supply sample sale. wait. hold on. portland has sample sales?!
6.  per music snobs everywhere, julia holter’s 2.2 show at holocene is a must see. no fomo.
7.  pardon the listicle interruption for a brief message from our thurs list corporate sponsor.
8.  salt & straw’s dairy queen-esque soft serve joint opens in pine st market on 4.1. hellyes.
9.  i didn’t know 2016 was year of the monkey. will repent at mochitsuki 2016 on sun 1.31.
10.  world’s greatest cat painting arrives at the portland art museum on fri 1.29. fyi cat ppl. fyi.
11.  siggi’s yogurt is on sale for $1 at the pearl whole foods through tue 2.2. don’t tell yoplait.
12.  “enjoy it. because it’s happening.” – stephen chbosky

vol 14.

long week? ugh. i know. me too. let’s get to the good stuff:

1.  today’s the last day of house of common’s online sale. like, 50-70% off big. i’m sry wha?
2.  lackluster twitter problems? maybe try following @whoopi_pics. literally just whoopi pics.
3.  will joseph cook and his lovely little song beach is getting me to tomorrow. *deep breaths*
4.  hunting for a rug and found frances loom. holy vintage moly! new gems every thurs.
5.  didn’t think i was an rv gal, but man does the mehrzeller look cool. let’s get outta dodge!
6.  anyone wanna throw a disco themed party? need more shimmer and sparkle in my life rn.
7.  what, pray tell, is a salmon estuary tour? idk but down for a guided coos bay kayaking tour!
8.  found out grassa is replacing pastini pastaria on nw 23rd. what’s italian for upgraaaade?
9.  uses this is a favorite blog and they recently interviewed a favorite lady. fuck yea sarah brin!
10.  “in the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.” – jeanette winterson

vol 13.

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man has this been a weird week. like everything was on slo-mo and fast-forward at the same time or something. blech. excellent timing for a ♥ to ♥ bear hug long weekend, don’t ya think? oh yea. y’all knew that right? no worky day job fun times on monday so, like, go craaaaaazay and stuff on sunday. until then … here’s what’s up:

1.  for the record, i am drinking this month. currently craving the no. 8 and jack’s manhattan.
2.  just found out sharon needles’ show at lovecraft on fri 12.15 is sold out. what? nooOOOoo!
3.  dreaming about sunny walks to lunch in the vvv near future. pine street market, anyone?
4.  what are you doing on tue jan 19? nothing? cool. get yo butt to church for dolly’s 70th bday.
5.  watching this video over & over & over. that move at 1:05! i wanna dance with somebody.
6.  the portland mercury anonymous blog is sorta hit or miss, but this post got me lol-ing today.
7.  michael blume sounds like an electronic leon bridges with more bass (less throwback). dig it.
8.  planning a lady vacay and using luxury link for deals thanks to pro traveler erica leader.
9.  i sometimes wonder about beyoncé’s notification settings. i bet show on lock screen is off.
10.  why yes, xtabay, i’m pretty sure one of us does need this dress. vvv kind of you to notice.
11.  plz don’t kill my vibe or ability to attend the holy trinity rnb tribute at holocene on 1.23.