vol 146.

yes hi!

i know next week is supposed to be the weird short week, but this one is all funky time warped too. late june / early july, you matching somebody’s freak:

1.  3915 ne stanton, the one that got away. redfin-ing when u can’t buy? annoying fun 4 all!
2.  okay, looks like i’m gonna rewatch better call saul in 2025. until then, maybe a trip to the oc?
3.  a great round-up of street fairs now thru mid sept. def count me in for multnomah days 8.17.
4.  met annie at her place for a walk & am still thinking about her stunning gwc concrete stairs.
5.  well i’ll be, there’s a cathedral park swimming hole opening this sat 6.29. good job, portland.
6.  will future gen’s maintain the bag of sentimental matchbooks? like a lil’ flammable diary.
7.  back on the horse (aka my at-home bike) & hoping these stay in my ear as advertised.
8.  given that i devoured a random 2018 season of survivor last year, i’m down 4 frontier house.
9.  s/o to hayley for the mcconnell’s chocolate chocolate chocolate rec. needed a new drug…
10.  these happy beakers: bought by chef husband; loved by kid who pours her own cereal milk.
11.  nary a resto i recognized but tickled nonetheless 2 see the scuttlebutt makin’ a comeback.
12.  milestone unlocked: sam’s in her band-aid obsession era so lotta welly bargaining lately.
13.  served an ad for big night’s book & lost hrs down their e-commerce rabbit hole. olive picks!
14.  ryan: “sometimes i think you talk just to make sounds.” seth: “well, sometimes i do.” – the oc

bikes, beakers, band-aids.