vol 145.

hey! hi!

woo-woo warning: told a friend it feels like there’s been a shift this week — a good shift. just something in the air where things might be trending for the better, toward getting unstuck. maybe it’s the weather. ok, yeah, it’s probably it’s the weather. anyway, i like it:

1.  s/o 2 the perfect insulated tumbler a vendor gave me last year. an 8oz joy to hold & behold.
2.  black baseball hats are a wardrobe staple of mine, but maybe it’s time 2 try another color
3.  why is the new washed out album so dang catchy? can’t stop listening to the pre-releases!
4.  wait, parents, do y’all have bounce / houses in storage?! wild imagining owning 1 of these.
5.  met a gf for lunch at broder and the hour wait led to a delish yama meal instead. spontaneity!
6.  love when outta-towners visit for the summer because i get to mention my fav nopo airbnb.
7.  highly rec a blue bottle subscription (lots of diff versions fyi). no better mail 2 get than coffee.
8.  surprisingly difficult 2 find gardening gloves that fit a 2.5 yo’s hand. i hope she likes these.
9.  dm’d vail to confirm: blueberries at the croft farm will be ready for picking in ~2 weeks (!!).
10.  the toddler grabbed these at checkout. acquiesced to thwart a meltdown. plot twist: v tasty.
11.  pike’s coming over to give us a shade sail quote. delightfully obsessed with their reviewers.
12.  just really need to give a thumbs up to the taylor st kitchen aleppo tuna sando. good lord.
13.  excited for this fam event at topaz farm this sat to make time fly in the pre-nap wknd shift.
14.  “i’ll tell you you’re right when you want.” – sade, another strong contender for the most romantic thing anyone could possibly ever do for me.

time flies [when] delightfully obsessed.