vol 57.

oh happy hanukkah hi hello!

okay. some of you may be asking yourself, “omg i know it’s hanukkah but will there be a list today?!” to answer your question (and as you may have already discerned from the 15 numerical goodies below), oh hell yes there will be a list today. turns out, there’s a lot of coolshit to look forward to in 2017. let’s get to it shall we:

1.  ty blake for bringing this into my life. like he says, “drop in at anytime. fresh ylang ylang yo!”
2.  now that you mention it, ali wong, vegan brunch actually does taste like a bowl of erasers.
3.  big yes to figilia which just opened inside rejuvenation. meat meets butcher’s daughter?
4.  if not a 3 course ice cream sundae pop-up for v-day, then definitely a date w/ john waters.
5.  cool story apt therapy, but where was this good looking space heater round up in early dec?
6.  big ups 2 sue 4 the insta hot tip that le labo is in pdx now. marsh needs a new scent bad.
7.  shalom y’all is relocating from pine st market to a spot much closer to my office. pure glee.
8.  srsly, guyz. where the trader joe’s hatch chile mac and cheese at tho? alphabet district?
9.  cool & vintage = pics of cool chicks on / near vintage cars. oh wait. the cars are for sale?!
10.  seth’s thinking nopo greasy spoon 4 nyd foodz, but if u need mas opciones, look-y here.
11.  i’m p. meh on yearly round-ups, buuuut this one’s p. great. “it is 561, not a trillion trillion.”
12.  bummed to miss the pancakes & booze art show (!) fri 1.27. pour some syrup out for me?
13.  if nye turns out to be a holiday garbage fire, you better believe there will be … a do-over.
14.  no reservations. no tasting menus. h/t deadshot for the hope of something better in 2017.
15.  “she was unstoppable. not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.” ― beau taplin

eau de vintage ylang ylang yo.