vol 56.

hi hi hi hello.

sending this out a day late because yesterday was a snow day and i was so friggin’ excited to work from couch bed kitchen table reading nook home that – oh man big surprise – i couldn’t sit still and got absolutely nothing accomplished. buuuuut that was yesterday and this is today (a whole new day!) so i hunkered down and wrote a “thurs” list to commemorate us all thriving n’ surviving this wintery af work week:

1.  i knowwww. storms are no joke, but i could watch these snowpocaplse videos all damn day.
2.  okay fine in feb i’ll squeeze in an episode or 2 of so cosmo btw all my icy bumper bingeing.
3.  analysa informed me nikki glaser is in portland this wknd. wtfaaaaa? does everyone know?
4.  ooOOOoo there’s also a rad lil happening at nationale on sun 12.18. “hello, ladies” indeed.
5.  got mac’s a+ lip primer as a gift in 2014 & it only ran out last week. some shit’s made riiiight.
6.  spotify pared down their personalized “year in music” review & ppl r piiiiissed. i ♥ mine tho!
7.  s/o 2 firelight & the max 4 staying open throughout this riduclous snow-show. i appreciate u.
8.  mon 12.19 is a vvv important day in pdx history: movie quizmas and pq monthly gay skate!
9.  sry nymag but these are way more my speed than my maaaahn’s. ooo esp the chill stones!
10.  remember when i said westworld was meh bleh no ty ma’am? this has me like oops m’bad.
11.  guyzzzz my friend ezra is playing sabertooth microfest sat 2.4. i’m so flurff-ing excited!
12.  baby. judging by the mercury’s tone, we need 2 scarf up & get our a$$e$ to peacock lane.
13.  officially fine sending this a day late because fucking all i want for xmas carpool karaoke.
14.  loved rogue one (srsly!), but like where’s the scene of them eating something 4 god’s sake?
15.  “there’s a way not to be broken that takes brokenness to find it.” – naomi shihab nye

peace, love, & celebrity mashups.