vol 55.

hello beautiful people.

maybe it was the snowy half day today, but suddenly i’m really feelin’ that most wonderful holly jolly christmas-y time of the year which – for a frequently agitated and generally anxious 30 something jewish grinchess without kids – is a little weird. but, like, whateverrrrr. i’m feelin’ it. letting the good times roll ya know? you know.

1.  first of all, i’d like to start by congratulating this amazing weirdo super kid for being 3 y/o af.
2.  westworld = maje let down. calling an audible & fully committing 2 west wing ← n00b alert!
3.  spent snow day 2016 sitting on my couch watching planes land in crazy pdx crosswinds.
4.  tea bar just opened a pearl location dangerously close to my office. pray / pay 4 marsh. ty.
5.  y’all gotta get yo butts over to made you look. they sell superballs that do not disappoint.
6.  bridgetown bagels opens sat 12.10 & whaddyaknow – i’ll be at a salon 5min away. yeaboi.
7.  sorry but apparently there’s an annual haters guide to the williams-sonoma catalogue? brb.
8.  saw this after giving some 12hr aleve-d cold & sinus to a co-worker. idk which one i am tho.
9.  reminder reminder reminder 3rd annual nog off is sun 12.11 reminder reminder reminder.
10.  will festival of lights make me feel all warm + christmas-y inside? pls say “duh amy obvs.”
11.  david duchovny why won’t you love me why won’t you love me why won’t you love meeee?
12.  enough. you’re booked sat 2.18 for the 7th annual distillers guild toast. we’re all going okay.
13.  here’s 8 sneakers that – supposedly – feel as good as they look. got my $ on the allbirds.
14.  devendra banhart on tue 1.24 and stevie nicks on tue 2.28?! be still my freaky folksy heart.
15.  “some things don’t last forever, but some things do. like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there.” – sarah dessen

bartlet, banhart, & bubble tea.