vol 54.

well hello again!

dang it’s been a while. oy. let’s definitely change that. this week has been an f-ing doozy so i think everyone deserves something reeeeeeeal nice just for making it to today in one piece. oh good. glad you agree. wonderful. here’s what i was thinking:

1.  vvv happy to report kenny g is killing it on twitter. look, times are tough. kenny helps.
2.  everything on this gift list esp perfume that smells like “skateboarding on a summer day.”
3.  speaking of gifts, wrapping paper is so good rn. u like tacoshot dogsspace?! get yours.
4.  munchies, more articles about espressos topped with huge mountains of merengues plz.
5.  jimmy eat world is in town mon 12.6 … guess everything everything really will be just fine.
6.  poor pine street has been put through the ringer. here’s a glimmer – da brunch is good!
7.  gah. caroline. i needed this article on how to wear ankle boots with jeans, like, years ago.
8.  there’s only 1 cat who could convince me to attend this show and his name is rocket nagel.
9.  big wknd drama re: gilmore girls (long story). def coulda used this candle to simmer down.
10.  harrison lane makes gorgeous furniture inspired by his fam. obvs penny’s desk is my fav.
11.  fy-i, anonymous is a ranty pdx must-read & their next showcase is a ranty pdx must-see.
12.  i am vvv concerned no one knows about the pastry competition at the ace on sun 12.11.
13.  buzzfeed said it best … 19 floofertons to warm your freezing cold wintery heart. gr8 slug 2.
14.  my hood got some mercury love and there’s a way to archive discover weeklies. we okay.
15.  “the newspaper stories were like dreams to us, bad dreams dreamt by others. how awful, we would say, and they were, but they were awful without being believable. they were too melodramatic, they had a dimension that was not the dimension of our lives. we were the people who were not in the papers. we lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. it gave us more freedom. we lived in the gaps between the stories.” – margaret atwood

you & me & kenny g.