vol 53.

oh hi hello.

good lord we made it to thurs? a genuine miracle but ya know what i’ll take it (taking ’em wherever i can get ’em). in case you’ve also been having “one of those” and feeling slow or cloudy or drained or tired, here’s a little putz-eria of pick-me-up’s for ya:

1.  little boxes, ur holiday shopping contest rules are confusing af, but i still love u anyway.
2. a sweet set of things to surprise + delight all the broadway geeks out there. damn yankees.
3.  word on the street → the 18th annual animation show of shows is what’s cookin’ this wknd.
4.  ooo the eater pdx awards are out and they named some of my favs. go maya! go bit house!
5.  hello fancy manly friends! u there? if so, do i have a designer for you. mmm outerwearrrr.
6.  in a dream world, fishs eddy would carry these dishes & i would own a whole bunch of ’em.
7.  pretty sure the chili jamboree will be both the best and the worst smelling event this sat.
8.  gah! sleigh bells is at wonder ballroom on fri! odds they’ll play some treats? nada? zilch?
9.  guyz. heather just told me about the barefoot sage. vvv confused why we aren’t here 24/7.
10.  pdx monthly released a culture cheat sheet and it’s totally great. also, they’re on spotify!
11.  the boy meets world house is for sale & la moule is serving brunch. things are lookin’ up.
12.  give me that warm industrial kitchen look c/o artfully hung copper pots or give me death.
13.  polly brown printed out her mistakes on newsprint & i gotta agree. it did smell kinda funny.
14.  pdx nog off pdx nog off pdx nog off pdx nog off pdx nog off sun 12.11 is the pdx nog offffffff.
15.  “you get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place, i told him, like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again.” – azar nafisi

lansbury pins & barefoot wins.