vol 52.

hi loves.

as a beloved former co-worker once commented after a particularly crappy start to our week, “well that was just an unfortunate shit ass tuesday now wasn’t it?” sigh all your sighs, feel all your feels, i’m just going to leave some nice things below for anyone who needs ’em. cool? cool. i love you.

1.  here’s a fun fact: sarah was the first person ever to put a bandana on a golden retriever.
2.  yesterday, my bff’s mom sent her children an email that should be in everyone’s inbox.
3.  new kid made you look is closed on tue’s (and occasionally for naps). grand opening sat!
4.  bougie coffee is my jam and i didn’t know about a ton of these spots. ok ok ok ww. u cool.
5.  my friend alex knew i was v. sad yesterday so he sent me here. good ppl beget good ppl.
6.  good news! there’s vegan bdsm accessories now. s/o to the socially responsible kinky set.
7.  speaking of sexy time, the xx is releasing an album & shared the track hold on. about time!
8.  v. much like to drown my sorrows (or celebrate my joys if/when they return) at bar casa vale.
9.  i adore my apartamento videos. tchaik & melissa make me warm n’ happy. like a hot toddy.
10.  frances may’s warehouse sale is sun 11.13 and now they’re donating 10% to the aclu. hyfr.
11.  lindsey is hosting square dancing w/ daryl & yvonne on mon 11.14 aka best night of yo lyfe.
12.  how about we pick ourselves up, we clean up nice, & we all go grab a drink at dame? yep.
13.  been listening to blues run the game uhlot. when i ain’t drinkin’ baby you are on my mind.
14.  this is the 52nd thurs list which means i’ve been sending these babies for a year. wowza!
15.  “but a chair, sunlight, flowers: these are not to be dismissed. i am alive, i live, i breathe, i put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight.” – margaret atwood

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