vol 51.

hello lovelies,

ugh man. just me or did everybody have a massively weirdo wtf week? i think imma just walk away slowly hoping there’s a retrograde somewhere to blame for all this ho-boy-idk-yikes-ness. and remind myself there’s always good stuff (if you look hard enough):

1.  this kitchen remodel only cost $300 which cannot possibly be true. black cabinets? stfu.
2.  just a friendly reminder that hannah jones is one helluva lady. also, hi beastmode. how u?
3.  here’s 19 pdx restaurants where dessert steals the show. and yes, there’s always room.
4.  i’m sorry what? 36 hours in manhattan below 59th street? bold, nytimes. veryyyyy bold.
5.  throw as many mudcloth pillow round-ups at me as u want, blergs. imma click regardless.
6.  t mag will always be chic af. those minimalist rainboots? me, u, and everyone u know likey.
7.  i expected the portland nightmarket to be superdumb, but it was, in fact, superfun. mcworld.
8.  newt day fri newt day fri newt day fri newt day fri newt day fri new day fri newt day fri 11.5!
9.  yo yo yo is anybody watching quarry? do i need to get a cinemax login or what? talk to me.
10.  gah i f-ing lurvvvve addams family values. i could watch it any day, any time. so why wait?
11.  eb & bean is opening on se division fri 11.4 to the delight of bougie fro-yo fans everywhere.
12.  here’s a mood elevator for ya → halloween 2016 at the white house. “that’s potus!” dying.
13.  i so wanted solo club to be good, and well whaddya know … the good reviews are rollin in!
14.  i discovered fleetwood’s the dance 7mo’s ago & now everything before it/then is null/void.
15.  “ideas are like fish. if you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. but if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper. down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure. they’re huge and abstract. and they’re very beautiful.” — david lynch

newts & rainboots.