vol 41.

oh hi hello.

is anyone out there? it’s been a real weird late summer combo of totally dead and f-ing insane all week which makes me think the end is nigh so maybe we reprioritize and only go for the good stuff? yea? sounds very much like a plan? coooooool. doin’ it and doin’ it and’ doin it well:

1.  hidden worlds of national parks is a whoa / woah win. happy hundo anniversary, parks!
2.  if your sun 8.28 isn’t planned entirely around bagel farm’s pastrami pop-up, then idk y’all.
3.  seth sent me this essay yesterday. me: a genuine & lovely read on medium? it can be done!
4.  my iphone battery sux & apple said “turn it off more.” ugh. buying this b/f the inevitable reset.
5.  in other fall in ♥ w/ a song & then play it on repeat until i’m f-ing sick of it news, upswing.
6.  jen, that’s not nearly enough pics of john stamos. can we get a few more pics plz? tyyyy.
7.  in the spirit of getting what u want / need, here’s the new frank o. take care of each other.
8.  how much u wanna bet stranahan’s master distiller is 1 righteous dude? answer(s) tonight.
9.  holocene is fulla babies, but flood the place with your ppl and you’re golden. go. get down.
10.  uhhhhh big bug brunch at omsi on 8.27. prerequisite: med-high tolerance 4 children et al.
11.  dear ppl peace-ing out labor day wknd … stay! don’t go! you’ll miss the superfab yard sale!
12.  i kno at least 1 person who will be v. happy glass animals is playing pdx thurs 10.13. hiiii.
13.  wed was agonize over l’desktop background day. settled on my old apt entryway. live slow.
14.  finder is how i “figured out portland.” i scored 3 copies of the latest ed. 1st reply 1st served.
15.  “so when the blue smoke of brittle leaves was in the air and the wind blew the wet laundry stiff on the line i decided to come back home.” – f. scott fitzgerald

flood the place with your ppl.